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WFH Diaries: Me Time Monday x Clearing Loot – 29 Aug 2022

wfh diaries me time monday x clearing loot

Me time is really important to me especially after spending literally all the time together with the mister. Fortunately, it’s a WFH day today which means zero interaction (physical) with people and the mister’s off to work in the morning too!

With so much loot brought back from JB, this means clearing them aka eating them all and you’ll see a repeat of them frequently daily.

Missed out on our JB getaway? Read it here:

Siew bao, I think I’ll be eating one more of these babies this week.

Birthday cookies from the mister, so decadent and delicious. I’ve plenty more but will be sharing the calories with my colleagues soon, muahaha. Out of sight, out of mind = no temptation!!

A light lunch cos I was having dinner later.

And a workout cos seriously we’ve been eating quite abit over the last few days so you really gotta balance that out!

And as you know, the best thing about wfh-ing is that you save on the commute time and that factors alot cos I take quite abit of time to prep for my workout (pre & post) so usually by the time I’m done, it’s around 9pm, Vs 730/8pm when I wfh.

Hehe all that becos the mister wanted to watch the latest episode of House of The Dragon today, great buildup so far and I’m enjoying it. He’s abit disappointed that there are no R21 scenes in this episode though HAHHAA. :p

Have you been watching it too?


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