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Weekends with Mitsueki: SUP and Kayak Watersports @ Ola Beach Club x Dinner at FOC Sentosa – 21 Aug 2022

Hello Sunday, and here we are again – working, a light lunch and off I go to Sentosa to redeem my free ice cream lobang!

The main point about heading to Sentosa today is actually for the free watersports activities at Ola Beach Club that the mister managed to book, thanks to his company privileges.

Registration for the watersports part is at this side building here, outside of the beach club with lockers provided to place your bags. However, you can access the beach club if you’d like for complimentary iced water and to use the shower/bathroom facilities. Do note that you’ll have to bring your own towels, soap and shampoo as these are not provided.

We opted for 2x SUP, stand up paddling (1 hr) and 2x double kayak (1 hr) and this is my first time trying out such water activities tbh. I’m not a huge fan of the sea, whereby I feel a little unnerved knowing that I can’t feel the ground below my feet..so I was pretty much petrified that I’ll fall into the water (and drown), even with my life jacket hahaha. But okay la, surprisingly it was quite fun and I didn’t fall into the water at all!

The only scary part was the kayaking when we went slightly further out, but still within the safe boundaries where the waves were a little stronger. Bobbing up and down with the waves can also induce abit of seasickness and it’s honestly a little scary as I mentioned..knowing that you’re at the mercy of the sea!!

But done and all good, life’s a beach after all :p

We headed next to FOC Sentosa, which is another beach club further down at Palawan Beach cos the mister had a $100 voucher which he won at a recent giveaway. So yay, it’s our first Spanish/Mediterranean meal together:)

Do note to ask for ICED or TAP water. If you accidentally ask for still water, you get it in a bottle for $9 (ouch), which we made sure we finished every single drop.

Fortunately the views from FOC Sentosa made it up cos they were beautiful and lucky us caught the gorgeous sunset so of cos you might snap plenty of photos!

In terms of food, here’s what we ordered – the pork ribs, squid ink seafood paella (30-40 mins wait), a side of fries, and the mushroom croquettas. Surprisingly everything was delicious and we savoured each bite with relish. The only thing I’ll have to say is that the portions are small for the price so do take note if you’re sharing in a big group.

The total bill came up to around $136 for 2 pax, offset with our voucher so we paid only $36 for this lovely meal.

And just when I thought that was it, the mister pulled out another surprise out of the bag with his surprise early birthday gift which he DIY-ed himself, and a surprise birthday dessert so that was really really sweet.

All I can say is.. I’m really blessed!

Have a wonderful week ahead and thanks always for reading!


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