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Weekends with Mitsueki: Pre-Birthday Lunch at Spring Court Restaurant x Binge Watching Sandman – 20 Aug 2022

After not working out for a couple of days and all the recent/upcoming feasting = it’s time to do a quick morning one before heading out for today!

Today’s Pre-Birthday lunch treat was from my mom at Spring Court Restaurant which is one of the oldest restaurants in Singapore located at Chinatown (opposite Chinatown Point). Reservations are necessary especially over the weekend as they are very popular. I booked it slightly a week in advance and was only able to get a slot at 1pm as all the 12-1pm slots were full.

They are quite strict on the timing so 1pm, really does mean 1pm. Even if you come earlier, you may not get a seat until the previous table has turned over. I also read reviews on the service/waiting time so I was honestly going there with lower expectations.

Fortunately, beyond an extra 10-15mins plus wait for our table (even though we arrived on time), everything else was good. Service was attentive, orders came in fast and smooth and most importantly..

.. we enjoyed everything we ate here, which is a mixture of dimsum and their signature dishes. On the menu, we chose their Signature Popiah, signature chicken and prawn, and opted for the XO carrot cake, prawn veg dumplings, wafer prawn chee Cheong fun, wanton noodles with eefu noodles, beehoon crabmeat noodles, and took away a yam paste + 2x more Popiah. We were also given complimentary lotus paste longevity buns using a voucher I found off their website, no questions asked and that was a nice touch.

The total bill after using a $25 ShopBack voucher (we paid $2), was $121 ($123) for 3 pax for this meal which I thought was reasonable considering the location and quality of food. You’ll definitely be stuffed, and will have leftovers which you can keep for another round of dinner.

Thanks to my mom for this treat and I’m super thankful:)

Also thankful for the time to spend together with the mister binge watching Sandman on Netflix over Starbucks, leftover food and fruits which he prepped. I’m enjoying our quality time together after a week apart cos of his COVID and I’m looking forward to spending more time with him tml too!

Thanks always for reading and see ya for your next post!


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