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#MitsuekiTravels | Pre-Birthday Trip to Bangkok 2022 (Day 2) – 6 Aug 2022

mitsueki travels to bangkok 2022 day 2

Good morning from Bangkok on Day 2 of our trip! We started our morning pretty early cos we were used to waking up around 830am (SGT), which is around 730am (BKT) and the first place we headed to was to Wang Mai Cafe just opposite our hotel (across the road) to grab a cup of coffee for the mister and some bread for myself.

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Next up, we resumed the hunt for Mister Donut and located it at Lotus Rama II where I finally had my hands on the long awaited pon de ring donut that I’ve craving for. Weirdly, it didn’t taste as good as I remembered, not sure becos the taste has changed or standards have dropped. Oh well.

Our trip to Chatuchak Weekend Market was next and this is actually my first time there in years as I’ve always avoided it knowing that it’s very hot and I generally prefer shopping in air-conditioned comfort. This round, I decided to just go all out and just go for it. No regrets because I actually enjoyed shopping here and fortunately, the weather was pretty kind to us (cloudy, not too sunny) so it wasn’t as bad. They also have improved whereby the inner stalls are cooler (some even have air conditioning) so the heat isn’t as bad. More importantly, there are loads to do and shop!

Beyond shopping, we also randomly ate and drank at a number of stores all around including fried food, loads of drinks (coconut / chocolate milk / coffee), desserts and more. Trust me, you’ll be spoilt for choice here.

Other than shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market, you can also head to MIXT Chatuchak which is located next to it to get some respite from the heat with some air conditioning comfort (and more shopping) within the mall itself. There are also some pet stores there were super cute HUGE dogs and adorable sugar gliders too. I ended up picking up some shoes here as well.

You can find a row of night market food stores located right outside MIXT and in between Chatuchak Weekend Market that are open during the day (we were there around 3pm+) and you’ll be spoiled for choice on the food options here. This is also where the mister sampled his first fried insects (cockroach/crickets and worms), ugh.

With plenty of time to spare, our next stop was to CentralPlaza Ladprao where we had a good time walking around and having tea break at the famous MIL Toast House (from Korea) which many Tiktokers recommended. Personally, I thought their souffle French toast was just average, and very expensive even by Singapore standards. A bottle of milk and their French toast is around ~$21 which is about cafe prices for Singapore and the taste isn’t super phenomenonal. It’s still worth a try to see what the hype is all about but personally, the chocolate milk from Miruku at Chatuchak trumps their milk la hahhaa.

More shopping followed at Union Mall after this teabreak stop. Just walk via the Skywalk from CentralPlaza Ladprao to Union Mall (all sheltered + connected) and you’ll step into 5-6 levels of shopping paradise! I walked away with 3-4 pieces of outfits while the mister also picked up a pair of shorts for cheap. Very worth it and I recommend a visit here. However, I would say Chatuchak Weekend Market is better in terms of more trendy clothes. You’ll need to find them here at Union Mall (mix of Thai style/local, less trendy, but there are some).

Our second final stop from the night was to hop onto the MRT to the famous Jodd Fairs for the first official night market visit on this trip! Do prep yourself for huge crowds (super prime COVID place), and a large variety of food and drinks. Personally, I wasn’t super super impressed cos perhaps I had higher expectations from the vlogs and photos posted. And also, cos most of the food I wanted to try were sold out, or they were quite similar to the earlier night market we went to at Chatuchak (without the crowd), with not many specialities or anything.

In terms of food, they were all frankly very average as well. The only standout was the fried prawn and beyond that – it felt a little like a waste of my calories. Maybe I should revisit again with fresher eyes the next time, or visit another night market to re-compare again.

Finally, to end off the day – we took the train to Sukhumvit to check out the infamous Soi Cowboy cos it’s the first time the mister has been there. It’s literally a short lane, and if you have time – my suggestion is to walk from there to Nana Plaza if you would like to see more sights. Beyond that, its just a short red light district with sexy girls (some trans) with loads of alcohol, red lights and all that. Don’t worry, it’s relatively safe as well as there are police situated at the end of the lane in case of anything that breaks out.

And that’s it for Day 2 of our Bangkok trip. Thanks for following and stay tuned for Day 3 coming up soon!


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