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#MitsuekiTravels | Pre-Birthday Trip to Bangkok 2022 (Day 1) – 5 Aug 2022

mitsueki travels to bangkok 2022 - day 1

And today’s the day of the long awaited Bangkok trip, aka my yearly birthday pilgrimage if not for the COVID restrictions. This also marks our first overseas trip and flight as a couple, so I’m pretty excited for that!

My suggestion is to get the eBoarding pass if possible as it expedites the boarding process by allowing you to head over to the immigration/right straight into the boarding gate in the terminal without queuing etc, especially when you have no check-in luggage like us.

Since the mister had free lounge access as part of his cc privileges, this means heading over to the SATS Premium Lounge to enjoy some free breakfast and chill time prior to our flight. At first I heard quite a number of negative reviews about the lounge so I went with lower expectations.

The reviews were as such, it’s not the best but also not like sibei jialat la. Fortunately for us as well, we managed to try their famous SAT laksa which was not too shabby, tho I felt it was a tad salty. Otherwise, the food there was average, but you can’t really complain too much about free food and a comfy place to chill.

And here we were, after almost 3 years – onboard our first flight together as a couple! We were assigned the emergency row and that meant loads of extra legroom space for us. It’s also a short 2 hour 10 min flight so we didn’t get any food (settled at the lounge) while our entertainment came from reading a book (for me), while his came in the form of listening to his Airpods while taking a nap.

Hello there Bangkok! Sawadee! Our hotel accomodation for this round was at Kritthai Residence which is literally located outside National Stadium BTS. The immigration was really fast and we just took a grab over to the hotel for a faster check in versus taking other transportation options.

Checking in at the hotel was rather swift as well and we got our room in a jiffy. I would say that the room is your typical hotel room with the usual amenities and etc. Nothing much to shout-out about but I have to mention that our room didn’t have hot water on the first day (omg) which I was really unhappy with.

Anyway, going back to the itinerary – the first stop of the day was to head over to the food court at MBK Centre for a slightly later lunch. You’ll be spoiled for choice here as there are so many options within the mall, and within the food court itself.

In the end, we opted for pad thai and stewed pork rice cos I’m boring like that. They were delicious and man, it makes me miss Bangkok alot cos of their yummy food!

With less than 4 hours till our next dinner stop (and a heavy dinner to boot), we took this opportunity to clock as many steps as possible by exploring around the Siam area from MBK Centre => Siam Square => and more. Not forgetting a visit to the Big C to check out the potential souvenirs we can purchase on our last day!

After which, it was a crazy rush for us to head for our dinner appointment at the famous Jeh O Chula. I highly recommend that you purchase the Klook vouchers to skip the potential 1-3 hours wait. The vouchers are definitely more expensive (about S$33) but it’s worth it cos you get expedited express queue access so the wait is around 20-30 mins max.

The vouchers also come with the following package – thickly cut salmon sashimi slices, crispy pork belly, morning glory and a huge bowl of their famous mama tom yum soup! Ask for less spicy if you can’t take the heat as this is a spicy dish that might leave you sweating! Come hungry as well as this portion is huge, luckily I had a big eater with me, aka the mister so we managed to finish up EVERYTHING.

After stuffing ourselves silly, it’s time for a walk to Samyan Mitrtown to kill calories and also, for the mister to visit the One Piece Mugiwara store located there. Naturally, he went a lil crazy shopping there and bought almost $100 worth of shirts and merchandise. Still under control so that’s no issues ahhahahaha.

The original plan to head over to Chinatown for shark fins soup and birds nest but my feet were screaming/aching like crazy. So in the end, we took a grab back to our hotel, booked a 11pm slot for a massage at the massage place located right below our hotel and ahhhhhhh…

.. it was absolutely heavenly to end off the day with a foot massage that helps to relieve the pain/etc from walking so much on Day 1 (approx 23k steps). Recommended to stay here at Kritthai Residence just for this!

Thanks for reading and see ya in the next post!


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