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Weekends With Mitsueki: Family Day x Buffet Feast @ Penang Place – 10 Jul 2022

weekends with mitsueki penang place x family

Today’s all about family day, a rare gathering arranged by my mom where she treated us (the mister, myself, my cousin and of cos, herself) to her favourite buffet restaurant – Penang Place!

Knowing the feast that was to come .. I prepped myself in advance by working out that morning – a mixture of my new favourite playlist since I had limited time to do my usual Chloe Ting. My current workout usually incorporates Chloe Ting + a mixture of popular workout exercises from China and personally I would say that they are more fun than the former cos they are usually more high energy. However, it’s good to have a good mix for a full body workout!

Now with a good sweat sess under my belt, I’m good for a good ol’ buffet lunch at Penang Place! Best of all – the full self service buffet is back verus the ala carte buffet during the covid period and this is what my mom has been looking forward for so long.

And apparently, alot of people too as it was almost full house that day. Reservations in advance recommended as this is a pretty popular restaurant. Prices are around $45 per pax (after GST/service charge) which isn’t too shabby considering the food options you get and the quality as well.

Yay to self service buffets where you get to choose your own serving size, and hands on in prepping some of the food e.g the fruit rojak, ice kachang etc to your preference especially for fussy esters like me hehe.

Check out the feast which we enjoyed – free flow satay, nasi lemak, my mom’s fave Penang char kway teow, belachan wings, herbal duck soup, beef rendang, spring roll, other appetizers and desserts (ice kachang, durian ice cream, pulut hitam etc). Most importantly, my mom enjoyed the meal and she was very satisfied!

Other family stuff/errands happened after for the rest of the day and we were finally done with everything by the evening before heading over to the Mister’s house to chill for the rest of the night. Or more like he got knocked out by food coma once again while I chilled using my socials till he sent me home. Lol, a fulfilling day nonetheless and the best thing is this..

.. it’s a public holiday tml, and I’ve no plans. Wooho!!


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