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#MitsuekiTravels | 4N Royal Caribbean Spectrum of The Seas (Day 3) – 2 Jul 2022

Good morning from Day 3 onboard the Spectrum of the Seas!

This round, we have made a pitstop at Penang as one of the port of calls and were greeted with a beautiful double rainbow that morning.

Missed out? Here’s the travelogue so far:

Making use of our complimentary room service, we ordered in a light breakfast to start our morning right before heading out to disembark the ship for a half day out in Penang city!

On the itinerary, what we have is just LOADS of museums and a couple of food stops since we didn’t really have much time here. And off we head off to check out Penang decked in our cute tropical couple wear outfit!

First stop is Wonderfood Museum where we had a good time snapping photos of all the larger than average food replicas on display. It’s a good place to start so that you can start feasting after that! Rmb to take plenty of photos!

My suggestion is to get your tickets in advance or on the spot from Klook as the prices are much cheaper.

Next up, the Ghost Museum just for kicks – tickets here were a little more expensive at RM 33 each for adults as you cant buy cheapest tickets online. But since we were already here..just go lor.

Just don’t have high expectations cos it’s honestly kinda small lol. Nothing scary btw, so make sure you get your money’s worth by snapping loads of photos like what we did.

I went down the violent route just because lol!

We had an early brunch/lunch at Kafe Ping Hooi where the mister had his coffee while we shared a plate of Penang char kway teow cooked with duck egg. Delicious.

Our next museum is one of my favourite ones of the lot – Penang’s famous Upside Down Museum = guaranteed fun! This is worth the ticket price of RM33 each as you will get PLENTY of photos galore with a dedicated staff at every area to help you snap photos + guide you to pose / position accordingly. Highly recommended!

The last museum we visited is the 3D Dark Mansion where you can get cheaper tickets off Klook as well. Buy that to save a couple of dollars off as it’s about $3-5 cheaper. However, go with zero to low expectations as the experience isn’t too great as compared to Upside Down Museum / Wonderfood. Again, make sure you get your money’s worth by taking alot of photos ahhaha.

We popped by a Ming Xiang Tai outlet on the way to our next stop for a quick bite of their trishaw egg tart, siew pau and a drink to cool ourselves down in the heat before proceeding onto another teabreak stop.

This place – Swatow Lane Ice Kachang was recommended to us by my fellow colleague who is a Penang local and she said it has better Chendol compared to the famous ones among Singaporeans.

Personally I’m not a huge fan of Chendol but their rendition is really not bad. For the ice kachang, it’s okay – kinda the same as Singapore style but I prefer ours heh.

If you’re in the vicinity, you can take this opportunity to visit Corgi & The Gang Pet Cafe located nearby. There is no entry charge, but each person must order an item off the menu – be it drinks/food/snacks for unlimited sitting time in the cafe to play with the resident doggos /and or other pet owners’ doggos.

As you can tell, we had quite abit of fun with them and it’s really worth it to top up 10RM for the dog treats!

With that, our little venture to Penang came to an end as we hopped onto a Grab ride back to our cruise port to get back onboard to some soft serve to cool off from the heat!

The next headliner show started after that and we proceeded to catch it before dinner since we weren’t that hungry yet.

This day would be the last day that we would be dining at the Gold Dining Room as we made reservations for the Main Dining Room on our last day.

As such, this means whacking all our favourite food including two portions of my fave lobster minestrone, the Mister’s new favourite king prawns and many more. It was a good meal overall and we enjoyed it – will miss the service and delicious food here :’)

Lol buibui life didn’t end here for the mister btw. He made a special request to our concierge to have two sets of those escargots to be delivered to our room that night for supper and here he is, enjoying his fave escargots before we moved on to utilizing the bathtub (we brought our own bath bombs) to end off the night right.

It’s been a wonderful day out today and it also marks our first “overseas” trip in Penang. I can’t wait for our next proper overseas trip come this August!

Most importantly, thanks always for reading and see ya for the usual post tml as I share more about our final day onboard the cruise!


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