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WFH/Office Diaries: Sumptuous Dinner at Jia He Chinese Restaurant – 27 May 2022

wfh office diaries x jia he chinese restaurant

Hello!! It’s a half WFH half office day for me today – only becos I had a in-person meeting that afternoon, and dinner plans with my fave colleague!

My Friday started off great with a quick workout and small snacks along the way for brekkie and lunch. Everything light becos I was prepping for a heavy dinner tonight.

Heh, it feels like awhile since I stepped back into office and I was greeted by a love note and gift from my colleague, said goodbye to an old monitor and said hello to a new one, and had a bite of fruits paired with the usual work stuff. I do have to say that I kinda miss working in office cos of the nice big dual screen monitor, more conducive environment/space – basically I can be a little more productive in office I feel. However, a nice balance of wfh-office is good!

And now, it’s time for dinner – a double date with the colleague and her hubs at their favourite restaurant, Jia He Chinese Restaurant conveniently located at Farrer Park (Exit C). They love this restaurant so much that they are pretty much regulars here coming almost weekly and even had their wedding last year in the same place!

Here’s what we enjoyed – an entire Peking duck done three ways. The first, with the skin and cucumbers + spring onions in a wrap with duck sauce. The second, cabbage wrap duck meat. And for the third, duck meat with their signature hor fun. The last dish was something really unique that I’ve never tried and this was one of my fave highlights of the night!

Beyond that, we also ordered gulourou (very good), two flavoured prawns of truffle cream and salted egg yolk, Wawa cabbage cooked with pumpkin soup before rounding it off with some indulgent desserts of mango sago and this refreshing pear dessert. Very delicious and we enjoyed the meal so much that we are contemplating of making a reservation for an upcoming combined birthday luncheon with our mums in June!

Reservations in advance highly recommended especially for weekend lunches on the ala carte menu as they have a highly popular weekend dim sum buffet that’s almost always booked out!

Grateful for friendships forged and thankful to always having a good time with these lovely people (and the mister of cos)!

Most importantly, thanks always for reading~


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