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WFH Diaries: Getting our Chicken Rice Fix @ Katong Mei Wei Boneless Chicken Rice before the Export Ban – 26 May 2022

wfh diaries katong mei wei boneless chicken rice

Here’s the best part about WFH-ing – being able to work and workout at the same time! The only downside is the lack of movement cos there’s no commuting and sometimes, lack of food too. Luckily, I was quite prepared for the latter so all was good today!

For dinner, the mister and I decided to impulsively head out to the famous Katong Mei Wei boneless chicken rice stall at Katong Shopping Centre before prices increased / all chicken export from Malaysia stops from 1 June. And I must say that that was a pretty big push for us to get our chicken rice fix ASAP this week becos of that.

The store closes at 7pm, so try to reach before that to get your chicken rice. It’s fine to have your meal slowly after that as it is located in a food court so you can always return the dishes to the returning station after that.

Feeling greedy, we ordered two portions of steamed chicken ($12.30) with two sets of rice ($1 each) and added on the char siew ($5.70) to try and a plate of oyster vegetables ($5.70). On hindsight now after having this meal, you can skip the char siew and oyster veggies because a) the char siew isn’t that fantastic, b) your chicken comes with a mountain of cucumbers, c) there’s free achar and d) the free bowl of soup that comes with your meal usually has some veggies in it too.

All in all, this is an expensive meal for a food court for two pax if you add in all the extra stuff but if you just have the chicken rice, it’s about $14.30 for a meal for two = $7.15 with the free bowl of soup and achar. Whether or not you think it’s worth paying for is up to each individual but for us – it was quite okay to have once in a while. The chicken was quite tender, portions were great for everything and you will definitely walk away feeling full.

Will be back again next time, this time – to try another famous stall here for their moonlight horfun!

We ended off the night with a stroll back to his place as he created a 3D printed fridge magnet made of wood filament as a gift for a couple we were meeting for dinner tml and it was a fascinating process to see him at work dabbling in his hobby. Effort la this guy heh 🙂

Best of all – I headed home with loots from Malaysia in one hand thanks to his mom who made a visit to JB recently. Wonder when will it be our turn~

Finally, thanks always for reading and see ya for your usual post tml!


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