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WFH Diaries: Peak Productivity / Efficiency at Home – 25 May 2022

wfh diaries producitivity

When is your most productive period? At the start of the week, mid, or at the end?

I think mine varies, but usually it’s the start or the mid week like on this Wednesday!

As usual, it’s all about food photos to start off the day – this time it’s a Swiss roll for brekkie followed by a nice lunch of beef rendang paired with salad leaves, cucumbers and grapes.

It was back to work all the way after that, alternating between different work stations on my bed and at my dining table in the living room.

I realized that my most efficient / productive part kicks in here when it’s an actual proper table and chair though sometimes, the problem is I can’t tear myself from it once I’m really delved deeply into clearing it.

Dinner for the night was then fruits and Milo cereal because, why not? That’s also one of the downsides of wfh-ing – the lack of actual proper meals cos I’m a lazy person to head out for food hahahha. On a brighter side, precisely because there’s no food – it curbs my mouth so I don’t eat so much = weight loss woohoo!

So yep, productive in my ft work today and also my blog (all scheduled for the week) and plenty of posts scheduled/compiled for SG Lifestyle! Hope you’ve been reading them, but otherwise, it’s okay too cos sometimes I wonder if anyone really bothers to read my daily rambling anymore? I’d be bored too :p


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