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Weekends with Mitsueki: Long Awaited Pinky Comes back to Singapore (2022 Edition) x Souvenirs – 22 May 2022

weekends with mitsueki pinky comes over for a visit 2022 edition

Happy Sunday! I was really eggcited for this day cos it’s a day I’ve been waiting for the last two years since the pandemic started..

First up, a workout + brekkie before heading over to 49 Seats located at The Centrepoint. It’s not the easiest place to locate as the restaurant is hidden within another section of the Food Hall area at Level 1 (not at the main shopping mall area), so I would usually suggest you head in via the Basement and take the inner escalator up to Lv 1. You’ll know you’re at the right place when you spot all the directional signages etc for 49Seats!

Anyway, so here we were – an almost FULL group attendance, just missing Jess and the rest as they had something on that day. Most importantly, Pinky, Charlie and Baby Clara were here for a visit from Indonesia since borders are finally open so of cos, we had to make sure to keep at least a lunch date open on this rare occasion!

It’s really not easy to maintain adult friendships as you get older, much less friends who have shifted overseas but looking around at the table – I’m so glad we are bothered to make this effort to come together as a group and take the time out of our schedules for at least a short meetup.

And here’s what we had – a mixture of all their signature dishes: fish and chips, Tom yum pasta, smoked duck pasta and more. Most importantly, it was just about the company and updating on each others lives over the past two years!

We parted ways after that for our respective shopping/own time. Ours was to attempt to look for the remaining One Piece coffee collection from Donki as well as a few other errands.

Before heading back to the Mister’s place for dinner, fruits, Netflix and back to a couple of souvenirs from Australia and Indonesia respectively.

It’s been a blessed Sunday all in all 🙂


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