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Weekends with Mitsueki: Chillax Saturday x My Fave Pig Organ Soup x Trying Tian Wang D’Sweets – 21 May 2022

weekends with mitsueki pig organ soup dsweet

It’s been awhile since I have had the luxury of lying/chilling in bed for more than half the day and I would be lying if I say that I didn’t miss this lol!! It’s just nice to not have plans for the first half of the day and just lay in bed to scroll mindlessly on my socials and just be a potato – try it some day if you’ve never done so :p

Not to say that I wasn’t productive cos I did get my lazy ass moving to do some spring cleaning in my room and I think I cleared out a nice good pile.

I had a dinner date with the mister that evening where I satisfied my craving for my fave pig organ soup from Authentic Mun Chee Kee King over at Jalan Besar. Prices however, have risen over the year since we’ve been but fortunately, the food was as good as before so it’s still okay and relatively affordable.

We had our usual order, a pig organ soup for the mister, pork spine + meatballs soup for me, two bowls of their delicious braised pork rice as well as a plate of veggies to share between us. Delicious and don’t forget to order a refill of the soup as it’s unlimited!

I spotted an Uggli muffin shop opposite and we headed over to see if we could pick up some muffins for our friends and family but sadly, they were all sold out. We didn’t go off empty as the owner passed us some samples of their chocolate macadamia nut cookies and they were delicious. Prices are from $21 per 500g if I recall right, slightly expensive – however, you do get an ENTIRE macadamia nut in EACH cookie.

Off we went next to Tian Wang D’Sweets, a popular dessert stall that recently opened over the last year or so. Famous for their Instagram worthy decoration and of course, huge portions of durian/mango desserts – we were here for one thing only: the durian mango pomelo sago dessert.

If you’re a lil full like us, I recommend sharing as the portion for their desserts are HUGE. For $8.20, you get a large bowl of icy pomelo mango sago with big chunks of juicy mango cubes topped with a generous scoop of durian flesh. Super sinful and delicious. It is a tad sweet however and the mango sago could be more tastier, however I enjoyed the mango chunks + durian which were the stars of this dessert.

Finally, to end off the night – we headed over to City Square Mall to do some shopping since I had a $50 mall voucher coupon to utilize. We ended up getting a set of new couple wear from Moley Apparels before walking around to find a gift for my friends meetup tml.

Since there was a Donki outlet here, we also took a quick stroll within to have a look-see and the mister walked away with tins of coffee – his kryptonite cos they were the special limited edition One Piece series. He’s not going to drink them btw, it’s just for his collection hahahha.

“Stop me” he says. But I didn’t. Cos well, it’s rare that he would want to buy something. 😛

And that’s it for the night! Thanks always for reading and I hope you had a fabulous weekend too!


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