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Public Holidays with Mitsueki: Morning Workouts x Homecooked Burgers x HTHT Conversations x Reminiscing – 3 May 2022

public holidays with mitsueki x homemade burgers x htht talk

It’s amazing how time flies when you’re having a great time .. just like this super long weekend thanks to Labour Day and Hari Raya. And just like that, it’s the last day of our first two-day staycay together over the Mister’s place.

This morning, it was his turn to prep brekkie for me with Milo + chocolate milk and plenty of bread with that delicious creamy peanut butter he bought. He also took this time to do some spring cleaning in his room to clear out old clothes and woah I never knew that guys can have so many clothes too haha!

Then we did our respective workouts – his on the Nintendo Ringfit while I continued on my #ChloeTing weight loss challenge!

Lunch preps came after that where he prepped and cooked his homemade beef burger for me – all using ingredients he got off Amazon Prime Fresh (#notsponsored). Oh and mashed potatoes with potato skins by the side with bacon and cheese as our sides including some lettuce 🙂 Thumbs up too for that perfectly toasted brioche buns.

Tadaaahhh, here’s presenting his burger which I thought he did a fantastic job of! It’s my favourite dish of his (for now hahaha) and we scoffed it down in minutes. This pre-seasoned beef patty is also pretty juicy and good (160g) and the whole combination results in a delicious mess. We don’t have a BBQ pit but it was still a darn decent burger – thumbs up to him!

Furthermore he also cleaned up after that, I’m a lucky girl!

Desserts came after that with some HTHT conversations which I’m glad to have cos open communication between couples is super important, especially frustrations/feedback on different areas that can be perhaps improved on. Sometimes they are hard topics or minor ones – but you’ll be surprised how many couples (even married ones) can take it to the brink of divorce over the smallest things.

Finally, it’s ending off this staycay right with watching the new Bubbles anime, reminiscing over our travel trips, enjoying fruits and a handful of chips .. why do all good things have to fly by in a flash?

Back to work tml *groans

But at least it has been a really fun weekend all in all and I hope YOURS was as good as mine too!

Most importantly, thanks always for reading!


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