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Weekends with Mitsueki (SP Phase 2 (HA), Day 187 (Day 722): Pre-Birthday Feasting at Red House Seafood x Early Monthiversary – 3 April 2022

weekends with mitsueki red house seafood birthday

This Sunday was a day I was pretty pumped up for because I’ve been waiting to surprise the mister ever since I made reservations at his favourite crab restaurant as part of his birthday celebrations this 2022!

So here we were at Grand Copthorne Waterfront over at Outram Road where Red House Seafood is located at. Tentatively, only this outlet is open while the Prinsep & Clarke Quay outlets are temporarily closed. This is also one of their newest outlets and being based in a hotel, you can expect everything to be nice and fancy!

They also have quite a number of private dining rooms alongside the main dining hall area where we were seated. No worries though as the spaces in between the seats were quite wide, very conducive for meetups in a safe environment.

One thing I like about the place is that they also have an ala carte dim sum option on top of their main ala carte menu, it’s cheaper for the pocket and also offers a variety of different options at the same time. They also have a dim sum buffet with a wider variety of options if you prefer, priced at $43++ per person for over 50 options if I’m not wrong. Personally, I thought the dim sum standard was fantastic and I enjoyed every bite!

However, we were here for one thing and one thing only – their signature Red House chilli crab, the Mister’s ultimate favourite. The smallest crab was a 1.2kg Sri Lanka crab priced at $98/kg (seasonal price) which we went for, plus 4 fried mantous for the dipping sauce. Do note that their chilli crab sauce is of the sweet type, so don’t expect punchy spicy flavors.

At the same time, we also ordered a lotus leaf prawn fried rice and spinach tofu (oops, realized it’s not captured here) to go alongside the meal as my mom and I were not too big of a fan of crabs. It was really meant for the mister to enjoy it fully.

And I’m so glad he did 🙂

Also yes, it’s not a cheap meal! This meal for 3 of us cost $253 including drinks, napkins, food and etc. However, it was worth it to a) treat to mister as part of his pre-birthday / monthiversary b) bring my mom out to enjoy some good food! 🙂

We headed back after that for some fruits and snacks and this man of mine once again surprised me with another gift just in time for our monthiversary tomorrow. Now that was unexpected and of cos, him being him – it’s always a gift that he bought to make my life more efficient/productive 🙂

Finally, here’s ending off the night right – chilling, playing Kirby, clearing the fruits in his fridge, and the mister finishing up the rest of his crab feast and mopping up all that gravy with some sourdough goodness.

Time spent with each other just flies when we are together having a good time and the weekend is over .. just like that.

Though it may be back to our usual 5 day work week, it’s okay cos I’m looking forward to our nights together this week!

Lastly, hope you had a great weekend as well on this day! Thanks always for reading my/our daily adventures! 🙂


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