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Mitsueki on Leave (SP Phase 2 (HA), Day 181 (Day 716): A Cockroach Nightmare x Downtime – 28 Mar 2022

mitsueki on leave cockroach nightmare

The start of my cockroach nightmare begun late in the night when I was just about to sleep..

I’m not sure about you but I’m quite sensitive to little movements and cockroaches in general (lol) so when I spotted a cockroach creeping around my room at the corner of my eye – good lord, there is no way I can go to sleep now knowing that it’s in my room!!

Worst still, after I threw my slipper at it, it started hiding below my dressing table that was right next to my bed. How, how how?!! Lol.

I mean there is always the option of sleeping outside on my couch in the living room like what I’ve done before but I decided, hell no. Was gonna try to do something about it!

First thing to do = shift all my things around and pick up all loose stuff so it has no where else to hide. Next, pull out the dressing table to uncover its hiding spot.

And there, spotted. This huge ass cockroach which I somehow managed to corner. Of course what’s left next is to kill it and I’m super petrified of cockroaches.

What’s a girl gotta to do? The pesticide spray to the rescue then! I quickly ran to my kitchen the fastest that I could cos I was so scared it might scuttle away to another hiding place if I take my eyes off it even just for a second!

Thank goodness it remained in the same spot for me to aim the toxic chemicals aka, pesticide at it and sppzzzzzzz off the can goes!

Unfortunately I was a little too trigger happy spraying the pesticide because the fumes got a little too strong for my room. I think I also slightly inhaled them when I was spraying so there was this chemical taste in my mouth/tongue for abit.

Conclusion: cockroach down but so was I. Or should I say.. my room 🙁

I ended up on the couch because the fumes from the pesticide spray was too strong to stay in my room and I had to air it for the whole night. Oh and of cos, not touching the carcass cos I don’t dare to do anything about it. Ugh, definitely one of my worst nights ever.

Thankfully.. I’m on leave today so this super late night escapade didn’t affect me too much even tho I think I finally only fell asleep at 4am+ 🙁 was just super shag for the entire day..

Just sharing some snippets for the whole day including my morning exchanges with the mister and then lunch (thanks mom!).

Otherwise I was just mainly in bed recuperating, chilling and hogging my socials over some slight snacking/binge eating. At least I did spend some time writing all my blog posts for the last 4 days so that was a little productive. Too bad I was just not in the mood enough to get them properly scheduled hahahaa.

It’s ok cos an early night beckons cos it’s back to work tomorrow for one day only cos of some work related matters. I’m sad my leave is ending soon but it’s okay la, it’s been a good break so far 🙂

Minus this cockroach incident which I hope you’ll never have!


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