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Mitsueki on Leave (SP Phase 2 (HA), Day 175 (Day 710): Virgin Trip to Pulau Ubin x First DIY Pizza Baking Experience – 22 Mar 2022

mitsueki on leave virgin pulau ubin pizza making

Today is definitely not one of those conventional days because of a cumulation of multiple first time experiences!

Ticking off on one of these first time experiences is my virgin trip to Pulau Ubin for the first time in my life hahaha! We took the bum boat from the Changi Point Ferry Terminal (max 12 pax onboard) and paid extra to charter the entire boat instead of waiting for 4 more pax to join, costing us $4 per pax instead of the usual $3.

Upon reaching, the original intention was to have an early lunch at the popular seafood restaurant but it wasn’t open yet. Hence, we opted to take the taxi van service for a quick tour around Pulau Ubin for $3 per pax in the van.

What we thought = a van rental that goes around the island with the uncle telling us on the sights etc.

What we got = the uncle driving and dropping us off at Chek Jawa wetlands and insisting to check out the main attraction aka, House No. 1, located a short walk from the drop off point and telling us to call him to pick us up once we were done. Lol.

We obliged and were treated to a lovely view of the sea from the house, and strolled around the boardwalk. Do remember to bring plenty of sunscreen cos it can get hot! Luckily it wasn’t super sunny/hot that day cos it was about to rain so it was still tolerable. Once done, just drop the uncle a call, (not WhatsApp!) and he would return to pick you back to your starting point.

Oh and we were also treated to the sight of the old uncle being friends with the wild boars who actually respond to his whistle call?! Look for the uncle driving the purple van, you can’t miss him!

Fyi that there’s actually more to the sights of Pulau Ubin than these wetlands but we only had a short time frame and headed for lunch right after that at the famous seafood place, Cheong Lian Yuen.

If you’re looking for affordable and fresh seafood and rather pocket friendly prices – this is the place to go!

We ordered fresh fish, fried squid, chilli lala, oyster omelette, ginger chicken, kailan and steamed prawns for the table. Oh and even reordered an extra plate of kailan and fried squid cos it was that good. Would return again if I’m in the vicinity – must try! Tip: bring your own lemon for the squid lol!

After that, we enjoyed a short post lunch stroll around the vicinity of the spice gardens before bidding goodbye as we all headed our separate ways.

In my case, it was back to the Mister’s place to chillax, shower and get ready for his dinner with my first time doing a DIY pizza hahha. This is actually part of the Domino’s pizza kit from the day before which we kept in the fridge.

Sadly, it didn’t come out too well (oops HAHHA), but the mister +points for eating his share haha. Luckily we also had Rojak and fruits to supplement the meal cos my pizza was a failure tbh.

That’s okay cos what matters is the time we spend together – Always!


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