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Office Diaries (SP Phase 2 (HA), Day 161 (Day 696): #IWD2022 x Thankful – 8 Mar 2022

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Happy International Women’s Day to all the ladies in the world on this day as we celebrate US!

In case you missed it, Angela from SG Lifestyle did a special two part series featuring Sophia Chin and Elim Chew on this day!

For my side.. my morning started off with a spoiled slipper that I would have to get rid off 🙁 Luckily I discovered it just before I left home so it wouldn’t be so embarrassing for me if it breaks apart otw to work ahahhaha.

Pair that with a healthy Kagome vegetable juice and some Jenny’s Bakery cookies – it’s a great way to start off the morning (plus meetings as always).

For lunch options, it’s the usual $2.50 cai png life, tho perhaps on some days I might just feel a lil generous and get abit more liao next time hahahahha! Also went to pick up some bread for the Mister’s brekkie/teabreak – you know, just because.

Couldn’t resist the $1 fruits offer as well for tonight’s dinner – and tadaaah, loot completed for the day!

It’s one of those OT days today as our event draws closer and closer. Fortunately..it’s not super super late (yet) so I could still get home NOT that late (8pm+) .. just one more week to go before it officially begins!

Thankful for the cute snack that my colleague gave me and chicken wings from the Mister (even tho I told him I didn’t want dinner!).

Ending off the night with fruits for both him and I over senseless anime binge-ing – it’s a good way to spend quality time together on the weekdays! #thankful


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