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Office Diaries (SP Phase 2 (HA), Day 154 (Day 688): Corgi Butts x Out of Form x Food Preps – 28 Feb 2022

office diaries corgi butts monday

The busiest day of the week is always Monday, or at least the first 2-3 days in the week – agree?

At least my morning was made right with the sight of these adorable corgi butts shaking about on my way to work. They are absolutely adorable!

Quick caipng lunch later in office after being stuck in back to back meetings, and then a longer meeting after that too 🙁

At least I could still get off work on time to make it for my 7pm virtual classes! Sadly, I was really out of my form after not working out properly for the last two weeks!

The usual fruits dinner and food preps for tomorrow begins together with finally sitting down and getting my usual blog posts done (overdue for almost 10-12 days!) ..

.. and snacking so much on my addictive cornflakes hahaha. #fatdieme

Happy Monday y’all!


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♥ mitsueki

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