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Weekends with Mitsueki (SP Phase 2 (HA), Day 124 (Day 658): Gpay Huat Pals x Early CNY Lunch x Pokémon Legends Arceus – 29 Jan 2022

weekends with mitsueki cny reunion lunch 2022

Happy weekend everyone!

Mine started off on a great note playing the GPay Huat Pals game that was recently launched.

It’s quite fun la, attempting to get all the different huat pals. Last year the must get was BB LORH but this year, he’s much easier to get because he’s been replaced with a new must get – Baobao, the adorable lucky panda! And yes, he’s super rare!

The mister was trying out the Singtel Dash “hack” that we discovered that could nett us 5 new (random) pals per day and passed me my first BB LORH and Mala allowing me to hit all my pals..except Baobao naturally. And frankly, it’s quite easy to get them when I tried it for myself too. Just top up your Singtel Dash with $5 five times, and then transfer your $25 back to your bank account after that. Rinse and repeat daily till you (hopefully) get Baobao.

Bonus, if you get either Mala or BBlorh, you can also get a gift basket for a chance to more huat pals and/or vouchers etc.

Beyond the cash vouchers, discount vouchers and mini cashbacks, you can also get a chance to win limited edition Huat Pals merchandise as well! Lol, though the submission form does look like a scam la but it’s not.

But yea, pretty fun and I do hope we’ll get our Baobao soon!

Meanwhile, here’s lunch – a homecooked early CNY gathering with my mom and the Mister where she prepped her own rendition of pencai, loads of prawns and we paired it with char siew rice and roasted duck for a very 丰富 meal!

Thanks mom for the lunch!

The rest of our day was spent very simply the moment the Mister got his hands on his pre-order of Pokémon Legends; Arceus which immediately in turns means opening it up and playing it on his Switch HAHHAA.

Meanwhile, me aka his wonderful girlfriend allowed him to play his game all the way till the night while I self entertained myself and chillaxed. He’s a lucky man HAHAH.


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