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Weekends with Mitsueki (SP Phase 2 (HA), Day 61 (Day 595): Morning Me-Time x Sushiro Lunch Catch Up x The Hunt for Xmas Presents x Visiting Timbre+ Eastside @ Expo x Snow, One Day – 27 Nov 2021

weekends with mitsueki sushiro date expo timbre+ eastside

Hola to the weekends once again and as always, I’ve got a pretty packed one for the week!

Not to worry, I’ve also factored in some rest/me-time as well for recovery and it does help when I’ve got my new shower gel/shampoo from the Mister recently! Then, I attended my first virtual wedding ceremony while multitasking with my awesome 1-minute mask + morning fruits!

Today is also another long awaited catch-up with Rachel which has been postponed a number of times due to the covid situation but that’s fine because we finally made it to try Sushiro together! 🙂

Yum yum I do like Sushiro but Genki will always have my heart more cos of all the mentaiko everything that the former doesn’t have. It’s still nice however, my faves being the mixed salmon/jumbo scallops/ebi, egg and avocado roll and a few others. Yum!

Next up, it’s time for some window shopping and recce for Christmas shopping around Suntec for my friends next month!

I then “poisoned” Rachel to try out my fave Japanese bakery (Gokoku Bakery) at Millenia Walk since we were on the vicinity and she caved in to try wahahha.

We went our separate ways after that – her to her in-laws place and mine, with the Mister to continue on our itinerary for the day. Most importantly, at least we carved out time in each other’s schedule to catch up, meet, exchange presents and that’s good enough 🙂

Onwards next is a trip down to Expo to visit the newly opened Timbre+ Eastside, and support my previous boss at the Xmas Pop Up Retail Market located within the same area. Hip hip hooray as well to a free $5 Timbre+ e-voucher just by checking in!

They also had a Super Car display during the opening week and it was pretty cool checking them out. We also spotted some vintage / racing cars that you don’t really get to see in Singapore too!

Overall, a fun but short visit before hopping back to the MRT to our final stop – Jewel at Changi Airport for dinner and to pick up some Christmas gifts!

A very unhealthy dinner = settled with our fave Korean Fishcakes and oden soup from Samjin Amook!

One batch of shared Xmas gifts and a decadent dessert for the Mister settled at the Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory outlet here.

Best of all, ending the night by heading into the Shiseido Forest Valley for the artificial snow session with our free passes (min $25 spending for 1x free pass).

Artificial snow now, but one day – hopefully with fingers crossed, I’ll get to see real falling snow!

Gnite and thanks always for reading!


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