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Weekends with Mitsueki (SP Phase 2 (HA), Day 54 (Day 588): Morning HIIT Workout x Chen’s Mapo Tofu Lunch x Movie Date x Exploring Sengkang & Punggol – 20 Nov 2021

weekends with mitsueki exploring sengkang punggol

Happy Saturday everyone!!

I’m starting mine today with a quick HIIT workout session with the Mister at National Stadium which we booked off the Healthy 365 app previously, and boy was it a good workout!

We went back for a quick shower and change after that before heading out once again – this time to NEX for our mapo tofu lunch at Chen’s Mapo Tofu utilizing our Shopback vouchers!

This isn’t my first time trying them and I remember it was not too shabby, especially the Sichuan spicy chicken and Dan Dan mian which left a bigger impression on me rather than their mapo tofu.

And this round, I’ll have to second my opinion once again after eating the same combo of mapo tofu X Dan Dan mian. Meanwhile, the mister had the buta Don and he really enjoyed it.

Tbh, overall evrything is quite nice; albeit oily and pricey for the portion size. Nonetheless, we might come back again if we’re in the vicinity.

Next on, a 3 hour movie: The Battle at Changjin and this was a pretty decent Chinese war movie we enjoyed..

.. before moving on next to Sengkang to pick up an item from a Carouseller ..

.. then to Punggol to check out the newly opened Northshore Plaza I.

Sadly, the latter is a pretty big disappointment if you’re making a special trip here just to visit the mall as there’s really nothing too unique about it beyond it being a neighborhood mall, and maybe the Sixth Floor Oyster Cake with the one hour waiting time. Otherwise, I wouldn’t return unless I’m around the vicinity or if Northshore Plaza II open in the future. It’s honestly really catered to the residents around the area beyond anything.

Since we were at Punggol, we also took the chance to pop by Uncle Ringo and the Punggol container park located just a 5 minute walking distance from Rivera LRT.

However, don’t hold any expectations here for the carnival as the rides are catered to kids more than anything. We were here mainly to soak in the carnival festive feel before moving onto have a light snack and drinks at the container park.

Fried Korean chicken wings, cheese fries, good company and excellent conversations – I’m good for this Saturday night. It was a fantastic day all in all 🙂

Sengkang / Punggol exploration completed today!


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