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On Leave with Mitsueki (SP Phase 2 (HA), Day 39 (Day 573): 3D2N Staycation at Ji Hotel Orchard Singapore (Day 2) – 5 Nov 2021

harrowing halloween singapore discovery centre

Day 2 of our staycay is a little bit more exciting than Day 1, promise hahaa.

In case you missed it, here’s Day 1 for your reading pleasure:

Anyways, Day 2 began on an early note by heading over to Sourbombe Bakery located at Park Mall, just round the corner from our hotel stay at Ji Hotel Orchard. With experience from the last visit we had of long queues over the weekends, we knew we had to go there early, best on a weekday morning (like today), and before their opening hours.

So here we were, first in line and we got the seasonal mix of 3 Sourbombe doughnuts to kick-start our Friday morning right! Oh and we swung by Killiney to pick up coffee and Milo for the Mister and myself respectively. Milo’s diluted, will not recommend.

What’s better than finally ticking things off to try on my to try list?

Watching a Ghibli movie (Howl’s Moving Castle) while indulging in these sweet treats for breakfast! I think they were not too bad, very big bombs. Sadly, we weren’t able to get their sourdough croissants as apparently they were only available on Tuesdays and weekends if I’m not wrong. Oh well.

Next, to kill off the calories, we actually worked out in our room because the fitness centre looks quite sad + it was closed and he brought the Switch anyways. So here’s to the Mister working out with his Ringfit at one corner of the room, and myself with Chloeting on the other side of the room hahaha.

With calories burnt, this means we’re really for…linner?!

But wait, grocery shopping in advance first for tomorrow’s brekkie because we have absolutely zero intentions of coming out of room to fully utilize the time inside during this staycay. Fruits, cheese, ham, fresh bread, orange juice and erm, Garrett’s popcorn (haha) and we were all stocked up nicely!

And now, linner. Or early dinner at a Korean place nearby our hotel that I’ve been meaning to try. It’s called Kim Dae Mun Korean Food, a little hidden gem located at Concorde Hotel.

This is a very popular place with queues usually during peak hours especially on weekends. They also close quite early at 8pm, so don’t head there too late. There are also plenty of tables and the serving speed is SUPER fast. In fact, we got our food less than 5 mins after we ordered!

Here’s what we had – the pork kimchi soup ($8.50) for me, the bulgogi beef set ($11) for the Mister and we also shared a garlic and chives Korean pancake ($4.50) and he also had a Korean barley tea (ugh).

The portion is really HUGE for the price imo, especially the kimchi soup. They are generous with the bulgogi though some might think it’s a little expensive. Each comes with white Korean rice and a side dish choice of kimchi (too sour for me imo!), Cucumbers (pickled fyi) and anchovies. Overall, quite decent tho I prefer my usual kimchi soup place further down at Wilkie Edge imo!

We were then off for a long train ride from Somerset MRT to Joo Koon MRT on the other end of Singapore to get to the Singapore Discovery Centre for our post-Halloween event!

I bought the tickets only at $20 per pax which came bundled with a horror/thriller movie flick, unlimited visits to the haunted house, a free drink and loads of supplementary (free) activities from 7-11pm on their event nights. Worth it huh? I thought it was.

We started off with our horror flick which wasn’t super scary cos it’s more a thriller instead – Escape Room 2, got our free Halloween drinks from the cafe and collected our free glow sticks and Halloween tattoos.

Then we queued up for the other key attraction which is the haunted house where a long snaking queue awaited. This is their first year doing this Halloween event and I think they did a really good job in the terms of the decorations etc. You can really see the effort so thumbs up!

We also went for the free After Dark exhibition tour which took us around some dark history of Singapore etc as t the Centre itself with a guide and even “lanterns” to boot. Very cute.

Oh and we also did our Halloween lucky charms, another free activity to end off our visit here before heading back to our hotel.

Needless to say, we were pretty much wiped out that night reaching back. However, good news = at least we have a late check out tomorrow woohoo.

Gnite all, and thanks always for reading!


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