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Weekends with Mitsueki (SP Phase 2 (HA), Day 34 (Day 568): 丰富 Brunch x Southern Ridges Hike x Gudetama Race Pack Collection x Halloween @ Haw Par Villa x Late Dinners – 31 Oct 2021

weekends with mitsueki haw par villa halloween

Lol, just reading the title of this blog post and you would know that we definitely had an exciting Sunday today!

If you missed out on Saturday’s post, here ya go:

Anyway as my the title says, as started off this Sunday with a 丰富 lunch due to a miscomm when I went to buy us some youtiao while the Mister was queueing for our usual porridge x chee Cheong fun combo.

What I came to was two bowls of pipping hot century egg lean pork porridge (instead of one bowl for sharing!!), two egg chee Cheong fun and a small prawn ngoh hiang – plus my stick of youtiao to boot. Oh and iced Milo and sugarcane juice for him hahaa.

Gg, it was a feast alright. FYI, I usually don’t eat THAT much, about 60-70% is consumed by him instead hahahha.

And this is why we have our Southern Ridges Hike from Kent Ridge Park to Harbourfront Centre to walk off some calories from this insanely heavy lunch!

Then we hopped into the Sentosa monorail to pick up our Gudetama race pack which we signed up on 42Races at $45 each.

Honestly speaking though, the race pack isn’t worth the price paid; though at least there is this fun element of the gachapon machine to win some free stuff upon the collection where we got a sunscreen sample and a herb grinder lol.

Nevertheless, race pack collected and cheers to our first couple dri-fit shirt and couple run together!

It started pouring right after this as we headed back to Vivocity so we decided to chillax and have some desserts while we waited for the rain to subside before heading to Haw Par Villa.

Oh and we also attempted to look for some last minute Halloween costumes at both Daiso and Fairprice Finest and they were either sold out, had limited sets or basically focused more on Christmas decos more than Halloween. Boo 🙁 There’s always next time I suppose!

Luckily, not that it matter at Haw Par Villa afterall – even on Halloween.

So this weekend is Haw Par Villa’s reopening weekend and hence, their operating hours were extended till 12am (I think also for Halloween).

Entrance to the park is free unless you top up for tickets to the Hell Museum exhibition priced at $18 each. The suggestion to get the tickets in advance as there are certain timeslots available per day only if I’m not wrong.

The Museum is made up of 10 areas including 3-4 indoor ones, while the rest are located outside. Expect to spend about less than 1-2 (max) hours here (depending on your speed + level of interest) but I reckon we probably finished it in less than 1 hour.

My favourite part is of cos the signature attraction Haw Par Villa is know for = the 18 levels of hell haha.

*cues sadistic laughter here lol!

Definitely not for the squeamish at heart for sure.

If the levels of hell aren’t your thing, then be sure to take this time to roam around the rest of the surroundings (free entry) where you can see legendary and famous mythological characters and more.

Oh and some eccentric stuff too (Statue of Liberty anyone?) + blatant Tiger Balm promotions haha.

It’s interesting as well to learn the history of Haw Par Villa and how it came back. Hats off as well to the painters who painstakingly paint to maintain the sculptures all around the park area with the lead painter doing this job for over 70 years prior to his retirement!

Overall, it’s an interesting visit and I’m glad I finally ticked this off my want to visit list today on a Halloween night with the best company in tow 🙂

To end off the night – a late (+sinful) dinner from Chops! Grill and Sides at a random coffeeshop at Holland Village where we shared a beef rendang burger with fries and an 8 piece fried sesame chicken wings paired with lime juice and fresh Thai coconut ..

.. Coming home to my cake delivery from Nakanishi Cakes which I bought it on offer back during 10/10 – shared it with my mom + the Mister’s family of cos. Then opening my Gudetama race pack & trying it on and finally, finally, clocking in a total of 26k steps today.

Goodness, my toes and legs are killing me while I’m typing this post hahhaa. Gnite for now – thanks always for reading.

Monday begins :'(


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