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Mitsueki Travels (SP Phase 2 (HA), Day 28 (Day 562): 5D4N Royal Caribbean (Quantum of the Seas) Cruise Travelogue (Day 4) – 24 Oct 2021

royal caribbean travelogue day 4

Today marks the last FULL day of our cruise as we would be disembarking tomorrow morning at the Singapore Cruise Centre already 🙁

Read Day 1-3 here:

As such, we wanted to really spend the day fruitfully by chilling and relaxing more than anything. So bye-bye original plans to workout, go for all the activities/trivias in the morning because we woke up late HAHHAHA.

In room dining was our choice again this morning but I was much smarter after stuffing myself silly and burping the whole day. No full brekkie for me, but just fruits.

I stole the Mister’s full brekkie for the pic though hahaa. Oh and it was too hot to sit by the balcony so we had breakfast on the bed facing the balcony while enjoying the air conditioning comfort.

It wasn’t too long before lunch time rolled around. You see what I mean..literally you eat sleep chill play games listen to music etc on this cruise hahaha.

We didn’t manage to get a reservation at Jamie’s for lunch. However, we were placed on the waiting list and managed to get a table for a late lunch so yay to fully utilizing our unlimited dining package for every single meal on this trip! It’s well worth the splurge/top-up for all these meals~

Since we already had Jamie’s twice, we could roughly gauge what we really liked (and didn’t) and ordered a few favourites on top of some new dishes.

For starters, just the baked mushrooms. I really highly recommend this one. Yums.

Mains – Ji Burger with funky chips for the Mister where I had 1/4 of it, a Caesar salad for myself (delicious!) and a kid size portion of the Bolognese tagliatelle (yummy!!). Was absolutely happy with all the dishes we ordered 🙂

And for dessert, a lime sorbet for the mister and we shared their signature tiramisu (I requested for a smaller portion once again). I’m not even a coffee drinker and enjoyed the tiramisu very much. Overall, giving a thumbs up to Jamie’s Italian 🙂

Back to our room for a quick change as we were off to utilize the pool/Solarium/whirlpool pools for today!

There are three pool sections onboard the ship – the fully open air outdoors one, an indoor swimming pool and the adults-only indoor swimming pool area. Each section has a couple of pools and two whirlpool pools each which you must queue up for to enter (about 10 mins of usage per party).

Don’t forget to grab your pool towels, and maybe a Chinese snack (complimentary) around the area if you’d like.

Personally, I feel that the solarium is the best part of the ship as it’s meant for adults only so it’s peaceful, quiet with no screaming kids around etc. Mostly couples enjoying all the pools, snapping videos/photos for Instagram, soaking in the whirlpools and chillaxing on the numerous lounge seats all around.

This is really the life. Especially with this absolutely stunning/gorgeous view in front of you. You really can’t ask for more – great views, full bellies, no Wifi so you’re away from EVERYTHING, total disconnection and of course, the company and conversations that matters the most 🙂

Very thankful, grateful and blessed.

Time for a shower and then a quick change! Heh, I requested for the mister for a dressier up night and he obliged.

I’m super glad as well that we managed to get our reservations at Chops Grille as our final dinner to end off this cruise too – definitely worth the dress up for.

This time, we went for the Jumbo crab cake (so-so) and colossal shrimp cocktail for our starters. Should have stuck with the beef carpaccio tbh.

And the usual Lobster bisque for me and wild mushroom soup for the mister.

We ordered more sides this round and reordered our favourites – the broccoli, creamed spinach, mushrooms, and new ones – the tater tots which tasted more like potato croquettes and the Yukon gold mashed potatoes (delicious).

Accompanying our sides was the usual filet for both of us, medium for him and medium rare for myself. As mentioned previously, do slice first to check the done-ness as mine wasn’t right this round; gearing slightly more towards medium than medium rare. It was replaced immediately so no issues. Perfectly done this round. I also tried all 3 sauces this time, enjoyed it.

To end off our final dinner onboard the Royal Caribbean at Chops Grille – here’s to a warm chocolate lava cake topped with a vanilla ice cream (it didn’t really flow tbh, but was okay), and two scoops of strawberry ice cream for the mister. Haha told you that he really liked it.

All good, and the final $0 check signed.

It’s time for our Who Wants to Be A Royal Carribbeanaire gameshow night, followed by the headliner production show of Sequins and Feathers ..

.. and finally, ending off the night at Casino Royale for some gambling!

They are quite strict on the social distancing thing and venue capacity limit so you’ll have to queue to enter the casino. The tables are also easily hogged, especially the cheapest USD 5 tables which is the lowest minimum bet – we know because we camped there for awhile praying for the players to lose so we could have a turn HAHAHA.

It’s all played in USD here with the option of topping up using your Seapass (billed to your cc), or bringing actual USD bills (recommended). We brought a 100 USD bill which the mister was prepared to lose it all on the table haha. Sadly, we had to give up waiting for the 5USD tables and decided to just for the 15 USD blackjack tables lol. 20 chances down to 6 chances, but better than nothing right? Plus it’s the last night lah hahaa.

What I didn’t expect was to be playing one on one against the banker..

.. and winning HAHHAHA.

In fact, I tripled our money from USD100 to more than USD300! Lol! I’m not greedy, quite humji so I cashed out our winnings almost immediately cos I ain’t no gambler lol. Woohoo, what a night!!

Here’s our final towel art of an elephant to end off the night, coupled with packing of our luggages, and giving a small tip from my winnings to our lovely stateroom attendant for his service (and towel art pieces) over the last 4 nights.

With that..marks our final sleep and night onboard the Quantum of the Seas. Bittersweet to know our trip ends tomorrow but we had a very very good trip all in all.

So I’m happy 🙂


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