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Mitsueki Travels (SP Phase 2 (HA), Day 27 (Day 561): 5D4N Royal Caribbean (Quantum of the Seas) Cruise Travelogue (Day 3) – 23 Oct 2021

royal caribbean travelogue day 3

Time really flies when you’re on holiday and I can’t believe that it’s Day 3 already!

You can read about Day 1 & Day 2 HERE:

As we were pretty on to follow our itinerary for the first few days, we decided to really relax and chill more in our room for Day 3 & Day 4 onwards to really fully utilize it since we already paid for it. It’s just like having a staycay in Singapore = gotta make full use of the room/facilities.

What this meant for us = hello in-room dining! Breakfast is complimentary but you’ll have to pay about USD8 for each service after brekkie hours. All you gotta do is to refer to the menu in the Royal Carribbean app, give them a ring on the phone and your brekkie will be served to your room within less than 30 minutes (15-30 mins).

Since we also upgraded for the balcony and paid for it, it’s time to make full use of it in the morning.

Indeed, this is THE life. Enjoying a lovely hot brekkie, hot drinks with a gorgeous view right in front of us with music playing in the backdrop – and of course, the best company you can ask for 🙂

I even brought my hot chocolate onboard this cruise cos I wanted to try it with hot milk. Hahaa, it wasn’t very nice unfortunately lol!

We skipped out on all our planned activities in the morning and chillaxed in our room for a couple of hours before it’s time to change up for Day 3’s OOTD to head out for a quick trivia session at Schooner Bar.

This was a mind boggling one but pretty fun. We never won any of the trivia btw cos we were bad but it was always all in the name of fun more than anything!

A quick stroll around for digestion and it’s time for lunch at another specialty restaurant – this time at Izumi.

I wasn’t particularly excited for this one as I heard reviews online that it wasn’t too good. It’s fine tho as we had a fantastic dinner that I was looking forward to that night.

For Izumi, you can order a small plate, two large plates and a dessert per person with free flow edamame as your starters.

We opted for the gyozas and fried tempura to start off with – of which the former was..not a gyoza but a pan fried pork/meat dumpling imo. The tempura batter was nice for the veggies, however for the prawn itself.. lol.

For our large plates, we ordered three sets of the sashimi platter which came in this massive showstopping combined platter of raw salmon, tuna, swordfish and cooked prawns which looked visually appealing. Sea snails were served on the side as well.

Sadly, the salmon and tuna were pretty disappointing. The cuts weren’t the best at all but fortunately the swordfish cut saved the day. That was yummy. The cooked prawns were alright, definitely BETTER than the tempura prawns while the sea snails were just too slimey for my liking.

Impressive looking but tastewise..nah.

We also ordered one of their signature rolls of a truffled creamy lobster tempura roll which came in 8 pieces, fortunately bite size and not too large. It also provided a nice variation to the sashimi with some rice so that was pretty okay.

Here’s to ending off with dessert – a green tea ice cream for the Mister and the fried sesame balls with red bean for me. The latter doesn’t seem too Japanese to me but it’s okay. Had two and the Mister polished off the rest. STUFFED.

Feeling food-coma-ish from stuffing ourselves, we went for a few more trivia sessions and wandered around some shops including the Tiffany & Co boutique to have a look-see before crashing at our stateroom for a post food coma nap.

Hahaha that’s also the convenience of having your room + all the dining/entertainment all around the vicinity. You can just take the lift up to your room right after that and just crash like what we did!

Luckily we took that afternoon nap because it did help to digest our lunch before our long awaited dinner at Chops Grille that very night.

Honestly speaking, we were pushing our limits everyday during this cruise to consume so much food as generally we don’t usually eat that much. Heck, I don’t even take brekkie/lunch/dinner on most days in fact! And we didn’t work out today as well so = bye-bye weight. Expect weight gain yes, and Dr Huang is gonna be annoyed hahaha.

That aside, here comes our long awaited dinner at Chops Grille! You can choose one appetizer, one soups & salads and one main with as many sides as you like from the menu.

Complimentary bread and butter (onion bread and soft pretzel) to start off.

For our appetizers, we shared a colossal shrimp cocktail and charred beef carpaccio. Both decent.

Moving on with the lobster bisque (rather salty) and a hearty wild mushroom soup. I liked the former more while the Mister preferred the latter.

For the mains, the Mister was looking so forward to their prime bone-in ribeye but we were informed that they ran out on this cruise so he opted for the same as I did – the filet.

Medium rare for me, medium for him and it was perfectly done. Rmb to slice in the centre to check your doneness before that.

There are also 3 sauce choices to go with. I had the red wine steak sauce (fave) while the Mister had the peppercorn.

No regrets here as this was a good meal. I was honestly crazy crazy full and almost couldn’t finish my fillet .. but I did! Breaking limits hahahha.

Oh and for our sides, we had the broccoli (replacement for asparagus) which was really good (gosh Jamie’s one was so awful!!), the creamed spinach (delicious!), mushrooms (lovely) and some fries (meh, don’t bother). They were free flow and you can order more / different sides if you’d like. Personally, I feel that the veggie sides were the stars here. Super good and provides an alternative crunch beyond your meat.

We ended off this meal with desserts from a separate menu – sharing a warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream (yums) and strawberry ice cream for the mister. He loved the latter so much that he wanted to order it again for dinner the next day (which he did, heh).


To end off the night, we had quite a number of shows and activities including the Battle of the Sexes gameshow, watching the James Bustar juggling and entertainment show (what a riot), having a drink at our usual Cafe Promenade and ending the night with live guitar and vocals by this very talented singer, Joy. She was really good, and took in song requests as well. At least the songs are more modern and catered more to the millennial crowd compared to the others. Hahaha!

Finally, here’s a chimpanzee towel art from our lovely stateroom attendant to end off the night right. Good night and thanks always for reading!

Day 4 is coming right up!


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