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WFH/Office Diaries (SP Phase 2 (HA), Day 19 (Day 553): TGIF x The Countdown Begins x Han Dian TCM Treatments x An Early Night – 15 Oct 2021

wfh office diaries countdown

TGIF everyone!! Cant believe how fast this week flew and it’s the end of the week! The countdown also begins to our first cruise trip and my first “overseas getaway” after so long!

But first, gotta settle work stuff first and it’s a back to office day 🙁

Caipng for lunch as always before my afternoon meeting and then back to the usual work matters.

Lol and to share something hilarious – I forgot to bring my staff pass today and got stuck outside my office that evening. Luckily..I still had a few collegaues around or else gg, wouldn’t have been able to get home HAHHAA.

Today also marks my last treatment for Han Dian TCM – well, till after my cruise that is and for sure my weight will definitely go up. Will also be going for cupping treatments next round verus my usual accupunture cos that usually garners better results. Generally though, I can already see some fat loss around my butt and hips area though the weight doesn’t belly that HAHAHA.

Then the usual fruits buffet cos $5 for 3 sets from NTUC over conversations with the fave person of course. We ended slightly earlier cos I was pretty tired tonight 🙁

But not before opening my Shopee loot yay! Pretty eh?

Okay, shagged out. Gnite for now and thanks always for reading!


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