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Weekends with Mitsueki (SP Phase 2 (HA), Day 13 (Day 547): Han Dian TCM x First Time Eating Big Fish Small Fish x First Prawning Experience at Orto – 9 Oct 2021

weekends with mitsueki big fish small fish prawning

The perfect Saturday morning weekend begins!

Starting off with adding all your cart items for the upcoming 10/10 sale happening tonight/tml, opening deliveries, eating my fave part of the bread (crust!!) and finishing my last Saborino mask – woohoo, finally on to a new packet!

And all this done while nua-ing comfortably at home heh.

Sadly, I had to head out early that morning to make my way to Yishun for my noon time appointment at Han Dian TCM!

The good news? I dropped quite abit of weight.. but it could also be attributed to an early start time and the fact that I didn’t eat a full brekkie nor dinner last night hahaha. We shall see at the next weigh in and hopefully it maintains!!

Remember that you can call them at 67528098 to make an appointment for 3 trial sessions at $120 if you book using my name @mitsueki!

Since I was all the way at the North for today, my partner decided to join me and we made a couple of plans to go mall hopping around the North area and have lunch before ending off the evening/night at Orto.

Now things didn’t really go according to plan because we ended up spending almost 3hours+ chilling and chatting at Big Fish Small Fish instead after a heavy lunch.

This also marks my first time eating Big Fish Small Fish and they are really not bad!

We had the 2 pax platter that comes with fried haddock, seabass, a side of crisps and fries respectively and two sides (we chose coleslaw and buttered corn).

Additionally, we topped up for the premium set and basic set respectively which came with one drink and one side – minute maid orange for me with soup of the day and ice lemon tea for him with churros as our dessert to complete the meal. Oh yes and they have free flow sauces too!

Overall, good. Will definitely return if I’m in the vicinity! They also have quite a number of outlets in Singapore beyond Northpoint naturally.

Yep so in the end, our mall exploration only boiled down to exploring Northpoint which is pretty big itself before we hopped into a bus to get to Orto. Alternatively, you can take the train to Kathib and walk.

Orto is a mini destination with a number of recreational activities and a number of dining places within the compound grounds itself that opens till late making it good to visit all day/night!

Our plan was simple – we wanted to try out prawning! Naturally, we did look up Google reviews prior to our visit and tried to keep low expectations since reviews do remark about the bad customer service and low catch rate.

Fortunately, it wasn’t that bad la though as first timers we had no idea what to do much, e.g the bait, how to unhook the prawns, prawning method etc. Just look around and follow lor. Worst case, call for help – which we did a couple of times for a) we couldn’t find the fishing line (LOL, it was wrapped around the rod), b) don’t know how to unhook the prawn c) my prawn basket net fell into the pond LOL.

All that aside, beginner’s luck was shining on me and yay!! I caught myself some prawns~~ not much la, only 5 while my partner caught.. zero.

Muhhahhahhaa. It’s okay, I brought home the bacon for the family :p

The only downside is that you can’t freshly BBQ the prawns on the spot due to government restrictions I think. So we had to dump our loots into a plastic bag to bring them home.

Prawning as an activity is quite fun, maybe boring for some if you don’t catch any..but hor, it is quite expensive. We spent about $58 for two pax, two rods for 2.5 hours and only caught 5 prawns.. making each prawn a whooping $12 each haha.

But okay la, what matters is that it is quite a nice leisurely experience for a date or night out with friends/family. Fun too especially when you can have great conversations, or just a general good time together.

Now that’s what matters the most – always!

Finally, thanks always for reading and see ya for tomorrow’s weekend read!


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