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On Leave with Mitsueki (SP Phase 2 (HA), Day 1 (Day 535): Massage Day x Virtual Realms Videogames Transformed Exhibition x Shack Shack Garlic Mushroom Burger x 1-For-1 Venchi Gelato (Burpple Beyond) – 27 Sept 2021

on leave with mitsueki virtual realms massage shake shack

It feels super SHIOK to be on leave today on a working Monday!

What makes it even better is when you time your leave with your partner = a full day of fun!

We started off our day with a 60 minute massage session at LifeSpa over at Carlton Hotel which I got off at a discount thanks to Income Treats! Its $25 nett for a policy holder on your birthday month (and valid till the next month) and you can top up $35 nett to bring an extra person. Total, $60 which is a great deal!

Appointments have to be made in advance as this is a pretty popular deal with two outlets for you to choose from – LifeSpa at Emerald@Orchard Gateway and LifeSpa at Carlton. I actually used this same deal last year for the former and enjoyed quite a good session so I came back again this year, this time at their other outlet.

Happy that they gave us a couple room too so that was kinda shiok! Do note that they will have the usual sales pitch for the package after, just decline if you’re not interested though the package offer is not too shabby for the price/location as an honest opinion.

Next stop – Marina Bay Sands for the Artscience Museum as we saw a great weekday offer for the Virtual Realms: Videogames Transformed exhibition going at $9.50 per person.

The exhibition is pretty interactive with 6 different sections to explore. Just prepare to spend about 30mins-1 hour max here as it’s not a very big place.

It’s also fortunate we came on a weekday so there weren’t too many people around and we didn’t have to queue to enter the different sessions to experience some of the gameplay.

I was feeling hungry after that so we went for an early dinner at the newly opened Shake Shack at Gardens by the Bay to try the limited time Roasted Garlic Mushroom Burger and Roasted Garlic fries!

To our disappointment, we were informed that the burger was OOS and they wouldn’t get stocks in till maybe much later during dinner time 🙁

Miraculously, after we ordered – one of the staff managers approached us to inform us that they received the stocks and the burger was available! Yay! Bonus – she upgraded our original burger for free to the roasted garlic mushroom burger, double yay!!!

No regrets.

The garlic mushroom burger was EXCELLENT, much better than the shrooms burger imo. I only wish this is on their permanent menu. I’m also not a fan of their cheese fries in general but I was relatively pleased with their garlic mayo fries. The burger however, takes the cake here.

Of course, Shake Shack isn’t cheap as you know. This was about $37 for two burgers, one garlic fries and a drink to share. $39+ if we didn’t get the free upgrade :p Luckily, it was a good meal so it was well worth it!

We did however, compare it to the $10 Thursday cheeseburger deal from Smokey’s American Grill and BBQ and that actually ranks as our #1 cheeseburger in terms of taste and value (for now). It’s really, really good. You can’t compare it to fast food la :p

That aside, this outlet was a nice place for us to chill and people watch. Can you believe we spent more than 2-3 hours just hanging here and chatting? Hahaha!

When nightfall arrived, we took a stroll around Gardens by the Bay to view the mid autumn festival decorations and admire the view/light show.

And then ending off this lovely day out with our 1 for 1 gelato ($5 each instead of $10 each!) from Venchi thanks to my Burpple Beyond app! Get it at 30% off HERE!

Overall, a really fun day out.. before work kicks in tomorrow and for the next few weeks. Not looking forward, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Plus a nice reward awaits me at the end of the tunnel (fingers crossed!!)



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