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Weekends with Mitsueki (CB Phase 2 (HA), Day 66 (Day 535): New Shoes x Joya Onsen Cafe Experience (Private Onsen) x Squid Game Marathon (Fin) – 26 Sept 2021

weekends with mitsueki joya onsen cafe

Helllooo! The blessed weekend continues starting off with getting myself a pair of brand new shoes => my first ever sheepskin leather! Plus a footcare package for my sensitive feet thanks to the mister! Thank you~

We then traveled all the way to Joo Koon from the East side for our onsen appointment at Joya Onsen Cafe located at D’Arena; about 10 mins walking distance from Joo Koon MRT.

Reservations in advance are recommended especially if you are getting the private onsen experience – which is one of the cheapest you can find in Singapore at $120 for 2 pax. It gets cheaper with more people naturally, to a maximum of 5-6 pax (subjected to prevailing safe distancing measures).

Once there, you’ll be assigned a locker key and you can step into the segregated changing rooms for men and women respectively. Oh and of course, you get to choose your own yukata outfit as well + be assigned with a modesty towel and a bathtowel. We were also given a tote bag which is super useful for toting around your barang barang. You can also request for disposable undies if you’re feeling shy.

Here’s how the ladies changing room looks like – relatively big with lockers on the side, dressing tables on the other and some couches to chillax at. The amenities include a hairdryer, tissue, cotton buds and body lotion. No combs, so I suggest you bring your own.

Instructions were pretty vague on how this works but you can figure it out by asking and picking things up.

Dump your stuff in the locker provided (including your phones and mask). Change out to your disposal undies in the room. Generally in Japan, most women go naked but here in SG, you can preserve your modesty slightly. Bring out your tote bag and place your bathtowel/modesty towel + underwear.

Then you’re ready to step into the public onsen room. You can hang your towel or tote bag at the hooks at the entrance.

It’s not super big, only two pools – a cold pool, a warm pool and a steam room. Remember that each time when you enter and exit the pools, you’ll need to shower and cleanse yourself first. Body soap and conditioner is provided. And yes, you can step into the pools etc naked or wearing the disposable undies.

Drinking water is also provided so make sure that you are constantly hydrated as you’ll be sweating quite abit.

P.s the complaint from my partner is that the onsen is not particularly hot. Just warm water. For me, it was fine.

We spent about 20-30 minutes here (respectively) in the women’s and men’s bath before a shower and heading back to the changing room to swap to our yukata/outfits as we had our private onsen appointment next.

The private onsen is located outside the bathhouses and they have about 2-3 private rooms. Inside, there’s a mini bath, steam room and a small shower area plus tiny dressing room + drinking water. It’s also the only place where you can have a couple onsen with your partner because most onsens are gender-segregated. Also, you get about 1.5 hours here which should be more than enough.

We went to relax at their cafe after our private onsen by sharing their refreshments set for $7.70 which comes with a 4 pieces of sushi, a choice of drink (fresh milk/coffee/tea/soy bean) and a dessert (ice cream or mochi). We also topped up $4.50 for a separate drink – a Hokkaido chocolate milk for me.

It’s a staple btw, to drink milk during your onsen in Japan. Just that I don’t take fresh milk :p

Just don’t come here with expectations on the food or drinks. I read the reviews online and knew it wasn’t gonna be like good, so zero expectations okay. As an honest opinion, the only thing nice was the ice cream HAHHAA. Sushi was hard and not fresh, the drink is from the packet (soy bean), while my Hokkaido chocolate milk tasted a little too diluted. Again, zero expectations so it’s fine.

Instead, spend this time taking some IG worthy shots around the space and focus on having a good time with your partner/friends more than anything 🙂

We went for one final dip and shower after this break and ahhh, done.

Prepare to feel rather nua-ish and sleepy after a few hours here. Hehe so luckily, no MRT ride for us but a Grab back in comfort when we are nice and clean yay!!

And what’s the best way to end off the night?

Finishing Squid game paired with fruits, snacks and some chips 🙂

Oh and you know what’s even better?

Putting my out of office notice for tomorrow cos it’s a day of leave.

My weekend.. CONTINUES! Wheeee!

Thanks always for reading and see ya for tomorrow’s post~ Gnite!


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