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Weekends with Mitsueki (CB Phase 2 (HA), Day 65 (Day 534): Morning Hike x First Time at Rail Corridor x Springleaf Prata x DIY Korean Army Stew Dinner – 25 Sept 2021

weekends with mitsueki rail corridor diy korean army stew

Woohoo it’s the weekends again and today’s a pretty packed day from morning all the way to night!

All ready to head out with brekkie in tow at 9am!

And here we were at Bukit Timah Summit to begin our hike! Sadly, what wasn’t expected was that sections of the Dairy Farm Loop were closed due to slope failures which kinda threw us off the plan for abit because the original plan was to take the path down to Rail Mall.

Oh well, no biggie. We decided to do a quick loop of whatever section that was still open/left, head down the summit and then begin our walk to Rail Mall via the Rail Corridor from the base. That’s the convenient part of the Rail Corridor = many entrances!

It’s about a 15-20 minute walk to reach Rail Mall where we were rewarded with a good meal at Springleaf Prata (minus a wait).

Tadaaa, here’s our $1 plain and egg prata which we got off Lazada during their flash sale. Yum, Springleaf is still one of our favourite prata places in Singapore for their consistency and relatively crispy prata!

From Rail Mall, we headed back to the Rail Corridor once again – this time embarking on the 4km route towards King Albert Park.

I will have to say that there will NOT be any signs telling you where or when you’ll need to stop your trek. In fact, we happily strolled all the way and bypassed King Albert Park till I checked the GPS and realized that we were alrdy otw to Kranji or something HAHAHHA. It’s okay, just make a U-turn back and keep an eye on the GPS for a plausible exit!

It was a good adventure even though we kinda got lost. Mainly because we killed off quite abit of calories! My suggestion as well for those who don’t want to get too sunburnt or anything – you’ll need quite abit of sun/UV protection because it’s not sheltered at all throughout most parts of the trail. I had on fully covered yoga pants (with UV protection), a UV long sleeve jacket with a cap and my UV sports mask from Naroo (quote “mitsueki10” for 10% off!

I could have carried my UV umbrella as well for another layer of protection la but that was too much overkill HAHHAHA.

Anyway, the main point = woohoo!! 12KM today, done. Shiok!

Meanwhile, for the Mister – he’s most happy about this = getting his new iPhone 13 Pro later that afternoon!

Our last stop for the day was to Sarah’s place for DIY Korean army stew for dinner – thanks girls!!

And ending it off with a fun night playing Switch paired with desserts!

Overall, a very fun and blessed weekend! Hehe.


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