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WFH Diaries (CB Phase 2 (HA), Day 64 (Day 533): Down to 2 Pax Restrictions again x TGIF Workouts x Squid Game Marathon Part 2 – 24 Sept 2021

wfh diaries tgif workouts

Pretty how much Sparky and everyone feels when the announcement on the 2 pax cap for social gatherings, dining etc were announced today.

It doesn’t come as a surprise naturally.. just inconvenient cancelling all the meetups with more than 2 pax from 27 Sept – 24 Oct .. but oh well :/

Meanwhile, here’s the rest of my day.

Caipng lyfe always.

And this time, my mom bought a couple of bread and paus of which I had for lunch and supper later that night. Oh and my tapioca chips as my afternoon snack while doing work. Unhealthy Unhealthy lol. #fatdieme

Was productive at work today. Yay!

Also dragged my lazy ass out for a bounce class that night, coupled with a quick run with le favourite person – burning all the calories off from my lazy veg & snacking moments over the last few days WFH-ing. Shiok!

Finally, to end off the night – but not too late either, it’s Squid Game Marathon night on Teleparty x Discord before turning in.

An early morning awaits tomorrow! Looking forward yay~


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