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WFH Diaries (CB Phase 2 (HA), Day 63 (Day 532): #Fatdieme Snacking x Squid Game Binge-Watch on Netflix with Teleparty & Discord – 23 Sept 2021

wfh diaries squid game

The number of cases keep rising everyday and today, we hit more than 1.5k cases – the highest we’ve ever had (for now) in this endemic situation.

Those who are elderly, especially the unvaxxed seem to be more susceptible to this so do be careful. Have had a couple of my friends cancel their upcoming meetups with me due to growing concerns especially if they have kids and/or unvaxxed elderly parents – totally understand in this scenario.

However, a prediction is that the cases will continue growing higher till it reaches a crescendo peak and what goes up after, will come down eventually so.. yeah.

Anyway, it’s a WFH day today and oh boy did I let myself go a little today in terms of my snacking that morning with bread + chocolate milk and then half the packet of cereal which covered me till lunch time. Also received a few more shopping parcels and I was really excited for them!! Teehee.

An early dinner and very late lunch at 5pm+ hehe.

Our very first time doing a live show while working from home and somehow – we did it as a team. Yay! Success!

Also was a productive day for SG Lifestyle getting all my scheduled posts out plus some fruits > over jogging hahaha.

What wasn’t expected, a last minute plan actually = binge watching the first few episodes of Squid Game that very night on Netflix, using Teleparty (Netflix Party) and Discord for the first time. Oh and also my first time using my Google Pixel Buds A-Series that I got as my birthday present this year too hehe.

Surprisingly, not bad. Looking forward to finishing the series soon!

Okay and gnite everyone! Stay safe~


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