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Mitsueki on Leave (CB Phase 2 (HA), Day 53 (Day 522): Morning Brekkie x RingFit Adventures x Tracy Juice Culture x We Are The Furballs Dog Petting Cafe x First Prawn Vadal x Gordon Ramsay’s Unchartered – 13 Sept 2021

mitsueki on leave dog petting cafe

Woohoo! It feels so shiok to be on leave on a Monday morning! 

Best paired with a free hotel breakfast at 25 Degrees over at our staycay place! Read here for the previous post!

We chose the American breakfast set with scrambled eggs that comes with sausages, hashbrown and baked beans as well as the buttermilk waffles that comes with syrup, walnuts and bananas!

Each set also comes with a free coffee or tea option as well as a plate of croissants and cut fresh fruit – all inclusive in our package which was a great deal!

In a nutshell, it was a perfect way to start off our morning right, people watching on a chill/drizzling Monday over breakfast, good company and conversations! 🙂

Then we worked it off a little by playing some games on the Nintendo Switch including Metal Slug, Mario and Ring Fit Adventure. The latter..wow, the workout is actually pretty intense FYI, don’t play play!! We were a sweating mess after that and it’s totally addictive!

Time to check out = express checkout yeahh and we left our bags at the counter! Also one last photo of the dreamy dreamcatcher and time for lunch!

I was still a tad full from brekkie so we walked around Fortune Centre to recce about the other food places since I’ve not been here in a while. Added some restaurants to my to try list and I’ll be back list – can’t wait!

Nothing would deter me from my lunch spot which is at Tracy Juice Culture for their famous mushroom udon which I wanted to let my dining companion to try!

No regrets even though it can be a touch expensive as the total bill came up to about $32-33.

The mushroom udon ala carte is $8 or $9, I can’t remember, while if you opt for the set, it’s $12 including a dessert option of their red bean soup or peach gum dessert. We also ordered their juices, a pineapple lemon combination for myself and a pomegranate drink for him.

I’m a happy girl 🙂 oh and you can order less udon if you just want the soup mainly, it’s really really good! Highly recommended and I’ll be back again for sure!

What I can believe is that my dining companion could squeeze in another ice cream dessert from Wonder Gelato right after that – “very rare to find such a flavour” he says, so he gobbled that up lol.

I tried a bite, and it was not too shabby. However, I was STUFFED!

We walked around Bugis area to let our food digest; and also to wait out for our reservation at WTF (We are the Furballs) dog petting cafe at Bugis+!

This isn’t my first visit and I visited here with Veronica last year and wasn’t too impressed. However, maybe it’s the company that matters more because today was a more enjoyable experience.

I think it’s also because we had dog treats, inclusive in the package we bought – which is absolutely NECESSARY. No treats = no dogs.

How 现实. Lol these doggos hahaha.

Meanwhile, here’s how to end off my day of leave right!

A quick run, and then trying out my first prawn vadal from the famous vadal stall!

Watching an episode of Gorden Ramsay’s Unchartered on Disney+, fruits and chips!

And finally, coming home to a couple of presents (including one surprise) hehe.

Yep, I’m a very lucky/blessed girl indeed! 🙂 have a good week ahead evryone and thanks always for reading!


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