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Weekends with Mitsueki (CB Phase 2 (HA), Day 51 (Day 520): First Beauty In A Pot x Mooncakes Galore x First Time Playing on Nintendo Switch – 11 Sept 2021

This weekend is a super happening one all in all!

Woke up early, a lil nervous and did a workout cos there’s gonna be a FEAST today! Lol, also..after reaching a certain age, it’s working out not to lose weight; but working out to pray that it can maintain HAHHAA.

All ready for my first Beauty in a Pot steamboat and we chose the wild mushroom and signature beauty collagen pot.

Soup was fantastic btw, loved the beauty collagen one, the mushrooms and the meatballs the most! Yums!

This was my first and definitely not my last visit; but wa, it’s not cheap. Thankfully, we had vouchers to offset so for about 3 pax. FYI, the bill came to almost $180 (exclude 30% off from vouchers) and you can also get rebate points if you sign up as a Paradise Grp member for free.

Next up, our first Zoom snow mooncake making session which we signed up just for kicks.

I mean..it was $5 per pax to get a whole set of mooncake making tools and ingredients for a fun stay at home session – why not right?

And it WAS fun, just that I don’t really dare to eat our mooncakes especially after seeing how much shortening is added to the snow mooncake skin!

Can you believe that we signed up for a consecutive snowskin Mooncake session at Chinatown right after that?

Basically for $15 per pax, you get to make your own MSW durian snowskin mooncakes within the 40 mins timeslot.

Honestly though, cos everything is pretty much prepped in advance for you – it takes less than 15 mins to make your mooncakes and eat it on the spot.

Literally what you’re paying for la, 2x MSW mini mooncakes Hhaha. And okay, not bad. I liked the paste, could just skip the Mooncake skin lol!

We swung by Tong Heng egg tarts after that to pick up a box of my fave egg tarts for our family, 6 pieces were good enough 🙂

And then off to Chinatown area to walk around and visit the Chinese supermarket at People’s Park before heading back!

Ticking off my first time – I played the Nintendo Switch and a couple of games today including the newly launched Warioware, Taiko, Tricky Towers and Mario Tennis! Hehe.

Oh yes, then coming home later to another mooncake delivery, I bought my fave Shanghai mooncakes from Yuen Fatt from Kluang, Johor while I got gifted a mooncake back too hahaha.

Overall, it was a fun day with loads of new/first time experiences and I’m looking forward to Sunday alot.

Why ah? Stay tuned to tomorrow’s post to find out more :p

Meanwhile, thanks always for reading and may you always have a fabulous weekend!


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