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Weekends with Mitsueki (CB Phase 2 (HA), Day 37 (Day 506): Birthday Celebrations Galore with GV Gold Class x Meatsmith Birthday Dinner and More – 28 Aug 2021

weekends with mitsueki happy birthday 2021

First up – happy birthday to me!! Hehe.

Started off my morning with a red packet from my mom, a workout and then heading out to Don Lechon to pick up my free birthday meal!

Came back to shower and prep up for my birthday date with the Mister later on where we headed next to Harbourfront first because I wanted to utilize my free $5 Donki birthday voucher HAHAHA. Get it free too and use my code for 10 free dMiles when you sign up: “ATA-517102”

Couldnt resist eyeing a couple of stuff..and I also ended up buying a new pair of heels because mine broke literally in the Grab HHAHAA.

Next on, walking over to Vivocity next door for our Gold Class Movie!

It’s always a luxury to be able to watch a movie in Gold Class comfort and I’m glad for this treat! Was also his first time trying it out and his comments? Very comfy!

The movie however, maybe a 6.5 (for me) and 5.5 for him! Soso!

Next up, another Grab ride to our dinner place at Meatsmith over at Telok Ayer!

What I didn’t expect is that he secretly arranged for a number of surprises behind my back.

A) By ordering the dry aged porterhouse steak (best ordered in advance). Sadly, was a little underwhelming for the price ($200) tho the BBQ sauce was really good. Not pictured will be a side of fries that we ordered that was great!

B) By ordering the highly rated chocolate cake from Lana’s Cake that I’ve always wanted to try, picked it up in advance and dropped it off at Meatsmith earlier in the afternoon before he came to pick me up. Then he arranged it with the staff to have it presented to me for dessert! Super super sweet!!

Overall, it was a good first experience at Meatsmith minus the porterhouse steak bit! Will return again at least twice imo, one for the $10 takeaway burger and the second, to try their platter + side dishes. The service was good and they were helpful in planning this surprise; together with some birthday shots on the house – what a great birthday dinner!

We ended off the night with a stroll to this lovely spot at Raffles/OUE area for a chill session – it was a wonderful way to end off my birthday.

Not forgetting the presents and loots at the end of the day cos it’s my birthday after all wahahhahaa.

Am I a lucky girl..or what?! Honestly, this has been one of my better birthday celebrations in my life thanks to a whole slew of wonderful people from the C’s in my life to my #kderellas, other beloved friends, my mom and this wonderful person in my life.

Really thankful, grateful and blessed! My heart..is full!


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