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Weekends with Mitsueki (CB Phase 2 (HA), Day 31 (Day 499): Morning Brunch at Old Airport Road x Afternoon Hikes x New Discoveries x #Kderellas Meetups (NDP Parade Edition) – 21 Aug 2021

weekends with mitsueki old airport road national day parade 2021

Say YAYYY to the weekends everyone!! Lol, all I know is that my weekend started off on a VERY early note OMG. Couldn’t sleep after I woke up and I’m like ughhhh.

On a brighter side, this means going out abit earlier for our heavy brunch makan session at Old Airport Road Food Centre! 🙂

First stop, Toast Hut where we ordered a Kaya toast set with coffee. The waiting time is around 15-20 minutes and you’ll be given a buzzer. Suggest you order this first before proceeding to other stalls!

The toast is very thin, feels light so you don’t really feel very full after eating it (if that’s a good thing). The eggs, normal while my companion was raving over the coffee. We would return, only for the coffee!

While waiting for Toast Hut, we queued for the signature porridge and freshly made Chee Cheong Fun from this Freshly Made hawker stall. Every order is made to order on the spot (e.g porridge/ccf/fried stuff etc) and served to the customer (no buzzer system), so you’ll need to wait your turn till they complete the previous customers’ orders in line.

It’s worth it though as their signature porridge (chok) is packed chockful with ingredients such as prawns, fish, porkballs, pig liver, century egg and we also topped up for an extra egg. The chee Cheong fun is also excellent, thin and rather smooth, goes very very well with their chilli – you’ll just slurp it up! We tried their BBQ and mushroom version! Definitely coming back again to have their other fried stuff and other chee Cheong fun!

In a nutshell, before and after! Yum!

We also bought a peanut min jiang kueh from this stall here. Not bad, but too little peanuts imo!

Also attempted to queue for the curry puffs but the next batch was in 30 mins, so oh wells, next time then!

After consuming so much food, it was time to head over to Bukit Timah Summit for the usual hike to burn some of the calories off!’s a workout to eat kind of thing hahaha.

A great workout with my favourite person – can’t ask for more 🙂

Since we had some time, I introduced him to my favourite bakeries at Beauty World Plaza to pick up some bread, as well as the hawker centre right above. Will be back here in the future for sure!

Also ticking off my to-try list, we headed over to Bukit Timah Food Centre nearby for Soylicious – a hot dessert/beancurd place.

The verdict ah.. mm, the beancurd is not bad. Best eaten plain imo, the rest of the ingredients were just okay. Ninefresh does this a lil better. Wouldn’t specifically return for the beancurd again but would return here to try the satay bee hoon/carrot cake and the chendol next time!

We went to pick up an order from Katong V that I ordered after that and stumbled upon this newly opened bakery called Yugoslavia Bakery & Cafe and the bakes look so good! Definitely coming back here to buy/try a couple of them in the future 🙂

Oh and my day didn’t end off here after I parted ways with my companion! Next up.. a drive to Punggol to meet my favourite #kderellas bunch for National Day!

Nothing fancy, just dinner at Jess’s place watching the NDP parade with the kiddos, followed by another show on TV over simple food, occasional snatches of conversations.

And thank you guys, for the cake and especially for your years of friendship!

If anything, I’m always thankful, grateful and blessed to have them in my life. Always 🙂

Lastly, thanks always for reading! Hope y’all had a good NDP Parade this 2021 too!

An early night beckons..gnite!


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