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WFH Diaries (CB Phase 2 (HA), Day 30 (Day 498): Rainy Fridays x L32 Ban Mian x Night Jogs x Punggol Nasi Lemak – 20 Aug 2021

wfh diaries l32 ban mian punggol nasi lemak

Good morning on a super cold, WET rainy Friday today on 20 August! Lucky for me..it’s a WFH day so I didn’t have to face this (flash floods, basically) while enjoying a nice piece of garlic bread at home to start off my day!

Then it was pretty much work all the way till lunch time where I had a takeaway for my mom and myself from the famous L32 Ban Mian store!

All I had to do was to call them up about 30 mins in advance and then head over to collect it. Easy peasy!

My mom had the usual dry style of ban mian (yum), while I opted for something soupy (with less noodles, extra soup) – mee hoon kueh with meatballs and an additional order of razor clams cos I greedy HHAHA. Total cost was $12.20 including 30c for good quality takeaway containers that can be reused!

Yep then 💯 focused on work after cos the things are just coming in fast and furious!

Luckily, I have someone now to pull me away from my workaholic tendencies and take a break – an absolute necessity for a balanced mental health/happiness in general.

Best, when you work out so there’s a release of those happy endorphins to your brain to make you feel less stressed/abit better rather than worry (I’m a huge worrywart who gets stressed easily!).

Thankful! And one of my longest jog – for now!

But then eating it all back for dinner at Punggol Nasi Lemak, a place I’ve been wanting to try for awhile now.

No regrets. Fragrant coconut rice, crispy delicious chicken wings, chili, amazing ikan bilis (no peanuts tho..) plus all the sides were great (except this lorbak, abit dry). Downsides is that all the prices are ala carte so there’s no set menu of so. The greedier you are, the more expensive your meal lor so each plate can go up for $6-8+ like ours lol.

However, it’s worth it. Definitely warrants a return for me / us in the future 🙂

Here’s ending my day off with..packing for tomorrow’s hike (fingers crossed no rain!!), a lil bit of work = FULLY scheduled for mitsueki’s Blog yay!

Finally catching up a lil. Step by step, bit by bit.

Remember to rest y’all! Gnite and thanks always for reading!


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