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WFH Diaries (CB Phase 2 (HA), Day 28 (Day 496): Official Announcement x Night Workouts & Reward x Food Preps – 18 Aug 2021

wfh diaries announcement food preps

Do y’all prefer working from home or heading to the office for work?

I think hybrid is going to be the new normal moving forward, hopefully. I mean considering that even our own local government is encouraging/implementing such arrangements – this is going to be pretty normalized eventually. Something positive definitely in a COVID-19 stricken world.

Meanwhile, it’s a mixed bag for me when it comes to productivity however – just gotta be adaptive and know how to manage your time well!

Anyway, it’s a WFH thing for me today on a Wednesday starting off with my usual Milo for brekkie 🙂

Today as well, marks our official announcement of the upcoming COMEX Festival which we have been working on for the past few weeks/months and finally – the news is out where we can share our collaboration with Shopee for the very first time!

Loads of things to do during the next two weeks as we ramp up all the marketing and etc, phew. Busy/peak period for sure! Makes me kinda worried if I’m able to handle it .. but let’s do this as a team!!

Lunch and then it’s back to full on work mode!

Tried working out this evening prior to a night walk/jog to see if I can handle two sets within a day. Surprisingly, not bad. Will attempt to do this again more in the future becos I do prefer a mixture verus just relying on jogging to workout!

And the reward for our workout at the end of the night = a bowl of grass jelly beancurd dessert paired with a lime juice / plum juice respectively. Plum..is slowly growing on me now thanks to my companion. Tsk.

However, as always – the company and conversations will be what matters to me, always! Blessed and thankful 🙂

Here’s ending off my night right with some food preps for tomorrow’s lunch! Gotta attempt to eat healthy on normal days cos most other days = it’s always an indulgence HAHAHA!

Stay healthy, fit and lose weight! Wish me (okay, us) luck for the latter! 😀

Most importantly, thanks always for reading!


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