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Weekends with Mitsueki (CB Phase 2 (HA), Day 25 (Day 493): Officially Vaxxed x Sundates Movie-Bowling-Picnic Dinners and Unexpected Showers – 15 Aug 2021

weekends with mitsueki vaxxed picnic lunch

It’s official. As of 15 Aug today – I’m fully vaxxed, YAY!!

Here’s a nice salad lunch paired with my mom’s homemade soup (thanks Ma!) to start off my Sunday right! 😀

Followed by a movie date watching Raging Fire starring Donnie Yen and Nicholas Tse! Goodness the charisma for these two actors are awesome and the fight choreography is fantastic as with all Hong Kong movies! Worth a watch, giving at least 8/10 for this movie!

Oh, and we tried the red bean bread from yesterday’s. It’s alright, but the dorayaki was much better. Also prefer the red bean bun from my fave Japanese bakery instead!

Our original plan after this was for an ice skating session. However, we didn’t realize that you’ll now need to pre-book slots in advance or miss out on booking like what we did. Reservations were open for the 720pm slot but we alrdy had a picnic date planned so.. oh well.

Fortunately, we had a back up plan in mind = bowling at Kallang Bowl! What we didn’t expect is that only vaxxed peeps can bowl! Also, I recommend making advance reservations because we were put on a waiting list as well.

Fortunately, the wait wasn’t too long and we went for a 3 game session where a) I broke my nail, b) lost horribly c) had fun hahaha.

C) is the best part la tho oops, super noob me HAHAHA. Still gotta thank my companion for bringing me here tho! It’s fun 🙂 Ice skating = next time!

Off we go then to Cold Storage to pick up some picnic necessities and food for dinner! Never knew that you can specifically ask for just X slices of ham and such till today! Oh and also ordered a full chicken amongst others!

All set up at the Riverside by Kallang Wave Mall with a great view, a picnic mat filled with all sorts of snacks and food, a nice Spotify playlist and this Mister pulled out all the stops with getting a set of his and her utensils (rose gold for mine, silver for his!) and, and, and.. a Rilakkuma bread plate! Gosh…this guy ah.

Lol I made us, our first sandwich. A decent yum bread paired with a slice of kurobuta ham, rosemary ham and roast beef and a slice of cheddar cheese. Works so well together, now it was melted/toasted = EVEN more sedap. But good enough 🙂

What wasn’t expected = a sudden unexpected downpour on our picnic date! Fortunately, we were down to only just the chips, admiring the view and enjoying the company. However, yes we both got drenched in the rain running for shelter HAHAHA. Epic.

Pretty much how we spent the rest of the night = like hooligans seated at the sheltered area watching the rain, enjoying the company, (slightly soggy) crisps and great conversations.

I can’t ask for more, it was a great way to end off my Sunday night with great company before heading back to reality; aka work tomorrow onwards! Really a lucky and blessed girl, I’m thankful!

Oh and some extra good news? Our streak of dating isn’t broken (YET), cos there’s a movie date to look forward to tomorrow!

Hope you had a great weekend like I did and thanks always, for reading! 🙂


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