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Weekends with Mitsueki (CB Phase 2 (HA), Day 10 (Day 478): Morning Explorations x First Sukiya x Afternoon Hikes x Dale Chihuly Glass in Bloom @ Gardens by the Bay – 31 Jul 2021

weekends with mitsueki hiking dale chiulyn

Helllooo Saturday to an unexpected impromptu morning hike!

What we didn’t expect = this insane thunderstorm. But it’s okay, I packed a nice care package for brekkie and met before the storm came.

Playing it by ear, we ventured off to Millenia Walk for a stroll and browse around the usual suspects, Harvey Norman, Meidi-Ya and others.

Not forgetting grabbing a freshly baked red bean bun from my fave bakery to share!

We decided to have lunch first before our hike since it was still drizzling and tried out Sukiya – somewhere I’ve been looking to try and as of today; ticked off my to try list! Super happy because it really tasted a hint of Japan (at least 60-70%) la and we will definitely be back! Will go for the double onsen egg in the future 🙂

The rain finally stopped and this means our hike can begin! This is also my first time bringing someone with me on my usual Bukit Timah hike and I’m glad my companion was able to keep up with me; perhaps even better than me and more.

It’s nice as well to be able to depend on someone for abit too; e.g for drinks and even a fan! Hahah how pampered teehee. Plus the conversations as well, that’s really important for me when I go hiking with anybody!

Rewarding ourselves after that with a coconut shake and a honey lemon aiyu jelly with pearls respectively from iTea after that!

With no time to waste = rush home, quick shower, makeup and a change, I was off to MBS to meet dear Cindy for a long awaited meetup and date at the Dale Chihuly: Glass in Bloom Exhibition at Gardens by the Bay!

But first, dinner. Cindy picked hers up from Jason’s while I brought mine from Poke Theory earlier on.

Couple that with the sunset, gorgeous views of our Singapore skyline, a hot date and wonderful conversations as always = it was a great evening out! Plus my food was really yums! Finished every bite~

Time to walk off those calories once again by visiting the Dale Chihuly: Glass in Bloom Exhibition! I actually won a pair of tickets so fyi they have a ticketed ($20 each for weekends) and the non ticketed version.

The ticketed version allows you on the grounds around Gardens by the Bay with a free fan (NECESSARY cos super humid!) to see the cool glass sculptures all around the ground. Prepare to walk quite abit so wear comfortable shoes. There are also 3 different entrances/exits fyi.

Other than the ticketed outdoor area, the tickets also allows you access to the gallery (indoor) located nearby Entrance B. We went there as our final stop and I’m glad we did cos it helped to cool us off in the humid weather with a nice cool blast of air-conditioning.

Don’t expect to touch or snap really nice photos as it’s quite dark. In additional, you are not allowed to touch any of the art pieces / have to stand a safety distance from them.

We ended off our entire exploration by chilling out at a quiet corner around Gardens by the Bay catching up and chilling over good catch ups and h2h conversations.

Found alot of nice romantic spots here (free) as well so I would recommend this place as a date place *hint hints*

And with that, ends my Saturday with 31k steps clocked up – the most number of steps in a long long time.

Shiok though cos I feel like I managed to walk off all the calories (food) I ate the whole day. Definitely doing this again next time!! #walktoeat #workouttoeat

Alright, that’s all for tonight! Thanks always for reading and see ya for your usual weekend reads tomorrow!


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