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Weekends with Mitsueki (CB Phase 2 (HA), Day 3 (Day 471): Grateful, Lucky and Blessed, Always! – 24 Jul 2021

weekends with mitsueki grateful lucky blessed

There are really many things in life to feel grateful, lucky and blessed for and this is as usual – one of these days.

Grateful, lucky and blessed that it’s a weekend so I can sleep in till late after a super late night.

Grateful, lucky and blessed that I can slack around in bed, and chill without any worries.

Grateful, lucky and blessed to be able to enjoy a nice small bowl of homecooked soup in front of me by my mom.

Grateful, lucky and blessed to be able to share the joy with my friends later on as I packed up. The clay art that I managed to find at a random toy store for the kiddos, the biscoff dip I was blessed to receive ytd to share the joy and love, plus not pictured – jelly in the fridge for them later on too as dessert!

Grateful, lucky and blessed for this. And my conversations later. Albeit distracting cos I was supposed to do some work before leaving hahaha! But it’s okay 🙂 Some people are worth it.

Grateful, lucky and blessed to be able to save time by borrowing my mom’s car instead of making the long commute!

Always, always grateful, lucky and blessed for the #kderellas meetup – for the food, the drinks, being part of the family in a way even for a short period of time, my precious friends and the conversations we have.

Sometimes looking back, I don’t really have much to say except wonder .. bow could I be so lucky? And I’m absolutely thankful for everything and everyone in my life!

Ending this post off with some preps for tomorrow’s hike!

Looking forward 😀 but just not the 7am thing..


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