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WFH Diaries (CB Phase 3 (HA), Day 38 (Day 468): Last Day of Dining-In x First Times x Wanton Mee x Ironclad Control/Will – 21 Jul 2021

wfh diaries iron clad control

Today’s the final day of CB PH3 (HA) before we take a step back to the stricter measures under PH2 (HA) which includes no dining out from now all the way till 18 Aug!

Having said that, I made up my mind to have one (unexpected) final dine in meal out that afternoon for lunch today.

But first, morning meetings and brekkie! Had a great sleep last night where I tucked myself in early and was super refreshed after a good night’s rest to be up before 9am for my meeting!

Lunch at Saap Saap Thai with my usual great company of course!

Had some time to kill during my lunch hour and did some quick shopping at City Plaza; and picked up a special order for a certain someone from Arnold’s! Also bought a fried bun for myself! 🙂

This also marks my first time working at Rocky Master, and our first time also hanging out together to work. It was kinda nice, though distracting HAHAHA. However, I did get a spot of work done so it was rather productive.

Back home to a media kit delivery thanks to Cheers / FairPrice Xpress and Brandcellar consisting of a line up of premium ready-to-eat meals featuring the famous Koung’s Wan Tan Mee and Asia’s premier celebrity chef, Chef Justin Quek’s favourite dishes!

I had the wanton mee on the spot for dinner while attending my live classes and this was yums! Not bad for microwave food – just peel the seal, pop it in and done!

This was made better with my mom’s homemade almond jelly as well for dessert but goodness..#fatdieme much?!

Our project meeting right after classes, followed by my usual food preps for tomorrow..and most importantly, sitting my butt down to really complete scheduling all of my backlogs of mitsueki’s Blog posts before sleeping that night.

Iron clad control..will..focus. I gotta!


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