Weekends with Mitsueki (CB Phase 3 (HA), Day 28 (Day 457): Online Tests x First Times / Revisits (Sushiro, Night Safari and Rainforest Luminia @ Singapore Zoo) – 11 Jul 2021

Good morning on a lovely Sunday! Didn’t really sleep enough as usual.. so was a tad grumpy lols but that’s not important cos I was really excited for tonight!

First up.. clearing my Google Squared online test! And doneeeee + leftover brekkie at the same time!

Double first times – first time trying the Nutella biscuits and also .. steaming my dress literally 15 mins before heading out LOL!

Fun strolls 🙂

And my first Sushiro experience at Suntec City!

Generally I’ve always been a fan of Genki, but now Sushiro has changed my opinion a little! Fresh cuts and interesting options, with even better service – I like it.

And also, finally..finally ticking this off my bucket list to try. I’m happy 🙂 Plus the company, a bonus 🙂

Next up! Another of my bucket list – revisiting Night Safari after so many years! Didn’t expect this..but yeah wow. And now with less tourists, you get to experience a total no queue area for the tram ride and all that! Seems as if they went for a revamp because the place was really nice and modern! Very clean too!

Meanwhile, we hopped into the tram ride thinking that there were gonna be a couple of stops along the way to get to our next attraction.. but nopeee, literally sat there till it went one big ground visiting most of the animals! We took the earliest slot at 715pm so there was still some light and could see the animals a little better. No regrets!

Just one thing I miss about going to such attractions = everything is going modern and paperless so the map is in the form of a QR code verus in the past with those paper maps. Those were the fun days haha.

The only thing was that the original plan was to head to the Rainforest Luminia (booked at 715pm as well!) which we thought was located at the Night Safari!

So’s not! In fact, it’s located at ANOTHER attraction – the Singapore Zoo instead! Fortunately, the tickets are okay for reentry, so you don’t have to worry. We were slightly worried as well cos by the time we got off the tram it was around 745pm whereas our entry ticket was at 715pm.

Let’s just say that we didn’t have to worry so much because WOW, the queues were INSANE!! Didn’t expect SO many people and yeah you don’t have to worry about missing your queue cos everyone is literally waiting in line. Hence, if you wanted to go for the 715pm one, I’d suggest you start queueing from 630pm already to be able to get in.

I don’t recall how long we waited but it was quite awhile. It didn’t matter to me however, as I had the best company I could ask for = great conversations and loads of laughter while waiting in the queue!

I would say..don’t expect too much la. Managing expectations here haha. The entire place is not like super illuminated all around but they do have a number of photo spots. Night mode recommended obviously!

Heads up as well, to expect EVEN more queues within the attraction itself .. worst when you don’t know what you’re queueing up for sometimes hahahah! It was also drizzling that day so that probably slightly dampened the experience as this is an outdoor attraction afterall. Can be romantic too, depending on the company haha. And lol, for our case, I think the rain was a good opportunity to share umbrellas hehe.

Can’t remember how long we spent here but it was quite abit. Got some nice photos as well, bonus with own personal photographer maybe? Hahaha. Pulling all stops, consider me impressed 🙂


Feeling slightly peckish, time for some eats..aka Ben & Jerry’s ice cream! Wahhahaaha. The pineapple sorbet was really refreshing and I really liked my choco fudge as well tho, fyi ah damn overpriced. One scoop is like $6 so this is like $12 goodness me. :S Theme park pricing I suppose!

I think we were really lucky to make it for the final 1030pm show that night where it was available cos the rain FINALLY stopped. Think I would have been so disappointed if I missed the only available show at 830/930pm it was really fortunate for us that we spent our time at the Rainforest Luminia instead! The only thing is that the seats were wet cos of the rain, but it didn’t matter because..hehe. 🙂

Yep, life sometimes just works out great! Hahaha! Overall, I had fun tonight! This show was adorable and I enjoyed it, a 30 min show! Great job to all the staff and animals as we ended off the night at 11pm! 辛苦了大家!

I had a wonderful night on the whole and this was just the cherry on the top of the cake to end it all off. Haiyo, 过费了 honestly. I think I’m a really lucky girl.

And that’s it for tonight! 🙂 Ending off with two of my fave photos below!

Disclaimer. Not taken by me. Heh

More importantly, thanks always for reading and see ya for your usual daily reads tml! Have a great week ahead 😀

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