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WFH Diaries (CB Phase 3 (HA), Day 26 (Day 455): First Work Media Event x E-Sports Experience Centre x Trying Chinese Tofu Magician – 9 Jul 2021

wfh diaries esports experience centre

It was a little slow morning this Friday, but all fine and dandy! I’d prefer this as well cos I really value my downtime before the upcoming hugeeeee marathon coming up soon lols. I’m worried about it but hey, #trust.

Here’s today’s lunch! Yes it’s the usual caipng life la Hahha. And whenever you see me whip this out = it usually means that I really need a quick boost me up!

Today’s my first time attending a work related media event for my ft job so it was kinda fun going with colleagues to check out the newly opened E-sports Experience Centre (EXP) located at Kallang Wave Mall!

This obviously shows a step in the direction where eSports is a rising thing in Singapore and not going away anytime soon. More importantly, it’s being recognised as a legitimate job as well! So gamers – REJOICE! Do prepare as well for alot of hard work and training embarking on this career path however, because the aim is to win, and that’s why you’ll need to TRAIN ALOT to win for the prize money; beyond just having fun casually playing it with your friends. It’s the next level!

Anyway, this multifunctional space/facility is rather big with a variety of offerings ranging from an eSports space, exhibition area, eSports team room, gaming areas and even a cafe!

In a nutshell, come here to be able to experience the latest drops as well to purchase/test!

Couldn’t resist trying out the OSIM u-Throne and the Razer chair! I actually like the latter alot though my colleagues think I’m suitable better for a petite version of the chair (if there is) cos my size hahha.

Fun experience! Haha I guess if ever I have a gaming setup rig, maybe a pink themed or cutesy theme will be what I go for! It’s crazy expensive however, so you’ll probably not see me ever getting it hahaha! At most, perhaps a budget friendly custom PC!

Hehe what made my day this Friday however was a quick meetup and trying of a new drink that we talked about!

Ticking off my list – the Soy Milk Tea with White Jade Balls ($5.90) from the newly opened Chinese Tofu Magician located at Paya Lebar Square!

Basically the white jade balls are nice chewy mochi dusted with kinako. The soy milk tea is really interesting because it’s soy milk..with a hint of tea taste and abit of jelly/taohuey inside? Very interesting drink that actually grew on me as I’m not really a bubble / milk tea person!

Would return again to try the black sesame version and a couple more – recommended!

Alrighty and that’s all for this Friday’s read! Thanks always for reading and see yaaaa for your usual daily reads tomorrow 🙂


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