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Weekends with Mitsueki (CB Phase 3 (HA), Day 20 (Day 449): Cafehopping Catch Ups at Daizu Cafe x Donki Spotting – 3 Jul 2021

weekends with mitsueki daizu cafe cafehopping

Yayyyy like everyone, I LIVEEEE for the weekends! (Who doesn’t right?)

Here’s kick-starting my day right, before prepping up and heading out!

Was really excited for this day cos I was meeting Xh after a few months! AND ticking off a cafe I’ve always wanted to try for a long time called Daizu Cafe!

So thankful to xh as well for her very very detailed steps to this suaku to find her way to the cafe as she’s super familiar around the area. My goodness, I just followed and managed to get there without getting too lost!

Thanks also for letting me choose the cafe and the mentaiko fries for sharing! We each ordered drinks respectively, matcha latte for her and an iced chocolate for me! Sadly, both drinks didn’t really pass muster too much. They are okay, nothing special. The fries are fine too. Genki has pretty decent ones as well.

As always, the company and conversations trumps the food, so that’s the most important for me 🙂

Fyi, price point was around $27 for two. Which is okay for a good catch-up that lasted for a number of hours so it was well worth it 🙂

Thank you as well! Aiyo this xh ah. She’s too nice. Blessed and thankful to have friends like her 🙂

We later headed to Donki at City Square Mall as I had a couple of stuff to pick up. Ended up spotting great stuff there!

Super cool stuff:
1. Fugu (puffer fish!!)
2. Avocado salad croquette
3. Demon Slayer themed snacks
4. Donki bath bomb!

Nice/unique beauty stuff:
1. Hairstyling stick!
2. Cherry blossom edition of my favourite mask!
3. Double eyeliner tape (I think)
4. Err a cat facial mask

Gacha stuff.

And today’s loots! Lol quite obvious I love my lemon/lime (sour stuff) and I really love the salty cookies alot!! This is my 3rd flavor I’ve tried from this brand and I like it loads! Oh and I bought the hairstyling stick to try too~

Heh and that’s all for tonight! Thanks always for reading and see you for tomorrow’s usual reads:)


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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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