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WFH Diaries (CB Phase 3 (HA), Day 11 (Day 440): Reflection Thursday – 24 Jun 2021

wfh diaries reflection thursday

Oh today was a very productive early morning after a super good early night’s sleep yesterday! Woke up around 730am and it’s a WFH day = means no need to rush for the commute and I can laze around in bed till I need to get my butt cracking for work!

This means I was debating over doing a workout OR, plotting, I mean planning HHAHAHA and putting things into motion.

I really like to plan in advance if possible, locking down things way in advance so my calendar looks nice and full. AND also to make sure that I sustain all my existing relationships/connections with the people I care/value about in my life.

However, with the caveat that a) I don’t overextend myself cos I do have a limited social battery + need alot of alone/rest time by myself b) plans are just plans. Occasionally, things in life and work just crop up and you’ll need to be okay with that and adjust accordingly. PLUS not get mad when things don’t go your way 100% of the time. I’m still learning hahaha. Ah and c) sometimes I overlook some things/dates and oh shit you better make sure you squeeze in some time here to make it work.

Honestly speaking though, we all have time. There’s no such thing as I’m too busy. It’s whether “I’m too busy for you“, basically you know where you stand in the person’s life whether it’s for a meeting/replying texts etc. I don’t blame anyone because this is our time and we should protect it fiercely as well by setting boundaries. Give it only to the right people to not waste your energy. Lol, and when it’s the right person/clique, I’m like a dog with a bone – chasing you down to lock down a date cos alot of my close friends *cough all the Cs in my life and a few others, are very very busy people hahhaahhahaha. That’s why I know – for them to ekk out some time for me in their busy schedule means alot to me, and for me. 🙂 Oh and of cos I have those who are equally on the same wavelength as me who are just up for anything. That’s the beauty of friendships with different peeps and personalities.

On the other end of the spectrum, for those who don’t bother or perhaps are really too busy. Well, it’s always an open invitation. The ball’s in your court and I’m happy to hit it back if you pick it up. I just have to be mindful not to overstep too much into their boundaries (something I really need to learn properly and catch myself when I find myself doing it too much).

Random musing here – but there’s a downside about advance planning = some days when it comes up closer to the date..you just don’t feel it HAHHA. Like you call it off cos you feel tired/shag or really drained from work. Generally, I’ll still push through once I’ve made my appointment cos I hate canceling on people unless I really cannot/have to. I seek their understanding if that happens, but it’s rare. I’m no flake *smirks.

Oh ya, not to say that sometimes I’m not spontaneous too hor. Y’know sometimes you’re in the mood to play or bored/free and something fun comes up, then why the heck not?

P.s in case you’re wondering how much advance planning..almost all my weekends are booked from now till Sept? (It’s 24 June at this time of writing HAHAHHA). Have also plotted planned in advance on possible itineraries for a couple of upcoming birthday celebrations including my own. However, like I said – just remain flexible because you never know if things (good or bad) can crop up in between, or on the day itself!

Sometimes, things in life just fall into place accordingly (super amazing), or it just never happens. But that’s life 🙂 Just lean back and go with the flow! (I’m learning too.)

Stumbled on this video randomly and had some great takeaways 🙂 Read it HERE!

Ok random ramblings over and it’s back to work, and then lunch.

Thanks mom 🙂

Tonight’s workout.

Perk me up Thursday. 🙂

Snacks and food to end off my night right!


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