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WFH Diaries (CB Phase 3 (HA), Day 10 (Day 439): Weight Loss & Eating it back (lol) x New Beginnings x After Work Productivity – 23 Jun 2021

wfh diaries eating it all back

Lol, remember that I was quite kaypoh about my weight but my weighing scale from my office isn’t working?

So I asked my mom to retrieve the one we had at home and I finally weighed myself after a couple of months! Happy to say that..woohoo!! I’ve lost weight yay!

Still in the 5X range but I think I’ve lost about 2-3kg from the last time already. Still gonna be awhile for me to drop back to my dream weight of 47kg but mm, let’s see how it goes?

Today’s morning yums over my meetings, and basically putting back the weight on HAHHAA.

Our new beginnings begin today. Say hello to Constellar. 🙂 Alot of moving parts behind the scenes to make this happen so kudos to our hardworking branding team for their hard work and the versions 3XX!!

Lunch (thanks mom!). And what you didn’t see – me demolishing an ENTIRE packet of tapioca chips in one sitting after that. #fatdieme

After work shenanigans include..

My Google Squared live classes!

Sitting my butt down to getting my mitsueki’s Blog posts all scheduled up after a long delay. Oh and returning back to my #otakumode! Quite pleased with how Sirius the Jaeger anime is progressing, up to Episode 5 as we speak!

Publishing an SG Lifestyle post, a little late today, but better late than never.

Replying all my emails and scheduling them up!

And it’s an early night for me after this productive day. No workouts to let my body rest too! Tomorrow awaits and YAYYY, it’s WFH instead of office day hehe.



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