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Weekends with Mitsueki (CB Phase 3 (HA), Day 6 (Day 435): Thankful x Durian Party x Birthday Celebrations x A Full Heart – 19 Jun 2021

weekends with mitsueki durian party kderellas full heart

There are many things in life to be grateful for and today’s one of these super blessed days!

Starting off with lunch of course, thankful for homecooked meals by my mom!

We published/prepared all our Father’s Day features on SG Lifestyle and it was a team effort! Abit of a struggle but we pulled through!

Headed out to get durians for my beloved friends! My first time buying durians with the shell cos I’ve kinda learnt not to buy those already from the box (usually discarded). It’s also dependent on how you can trust the seller la and I think this particular guy is not too shabby.

You’ll also get to taste each durian, even if it’s just a $15 durian, or just buying two, like me on a budget. Heh, my original was $20 but I upp-ed it instead because aiya, nvm la.

You can also wash your hands after eating at the washroom at the back so no issues. Free water is always provided even during this period so don’t be afraid to request cos you’ll confirm need it hahaa.

And off I go! An excited me meeting my friends after so long!!

Big accomplishment today = parallel parking woohoo!

Today’s wonderful evening/night with my #kderellas.

Thank you for the duck rice, herbal tea and just always opening up your home to us.

It’s all these little moments that count the most and warms your heart so much. Nothing significant, even just singing along to nursery rhymes, watching the antics and pure joy of these kiddos from the sideline makes you feel comforted.

My favourite family 🙂

And happy birthday to you Jess! Cake from Alvin and myself hehe.

My biggest takeaway from my first job which I’m always so grateful for!

Oh and here’s our durian party after 🙂 Think our $30 durian loot was pretty worth it!

My heart is full tonight. So full. I’m thankful!


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