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WFH Diaries (CB Phase 3 (HA), Day 5 (Day 434): Thankful for WFH x You Never Know x 7-11 Media Drops x Singalong Karaoke x Recuperating Friday – 18 Jun 2021

wfh diaries thankful you never know

You may grouch and whine (like me) about the downsides of WFH but here’s a huge bright spot that you’ll be THANKFUL you can WFH.

When it rains.

And you DON’T have to step out of your home to commute to work.

If that’s not shiok, what is? LOL.

Just like how I stayed in the comfort of home to take my meeting, with the rain pounding against my window. Undisturbed.

Oh and Overcooked 2 was FREE on the Epic Games store and I just downloaded it just for kicks..because why not? Though I don’t have a computer now that can download and play such games..you never know the actions you take now can bode well / come in handy for the future.

You never know. 😉

Today’s lunch. Thanks mom! 🙂

Thank you 7-11 and Blue Totem once again for these adorable pouches! You can get collect 5x stamps at $5 each and top up $8.90 to get a random pouch, or get 20x stamps ($100) to redeem. All random, so you’ll never know what you’ll get!

I also loved the Sanrio themed items as well for sale, refer HERE for yesterday’s drop 🙂 Also refer HERE for this month’s MUST buy in Singapore (June 2021)!

Randomly, did this recording too 🙂

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Today, once again it was an early night. Electronics off, tucked in with a book. It’s a great, recuperating Friday night 🙂

P.s I re-registered for the vaccine and still haven’t gotten the SMS notification yet. Wondering if I’ve input any of my details wrongly 😑


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