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WFH Diaries (CB Phase 2 (HA), Day 16 (Day 416): Samsung S20 Screen Repair (Samsung Service Centre / Mister Mobile) x City Plaza & Haig Road Food Centre Explorations – 31 May 2021

wfh diaries samsung s20 repair screen

Lol, today was a pretty hectic day in general. Starting off with a side trip during my lunch hour to the nearest Samsung Repair Centre to get my phone fixed!

Note that it’s fully by appointment basis only, no walk ins allowed during this period. I’m not sure if that will changed once we move out of the HA (Heightened Alert) phase!

Guess what? After being quoted a mind boggling $325 for a new LCD screen cos my phone warranty just ran out of steam..I was like, okay chottomatte, can I look around for options first?

Was able to wrangle a “okay if you decide to come back to do the repair, no need for another appointment, but must be WITHIN the day itself hor” promise from the service staff as my backup plan.. naturally the next step is to go on my good friend Google to look for repair shops around me.

Tip: if your warranty expires like me, just do that first and save yourself the trouble.

I called about 3-4 places and the quotes were pretty standard; except for one that quoted me $450 and I’m like bruh, I might as well head back to Samsung right. The only good thing about such repair shops is that they retain your data, unlike Samsung that does a complete wipe out AND will probably take awhile.

The only downside is whether you can trust these repair shops or not la..and I decided, okay, let’s try.

Making an appointment with them was super easy via WhatsApp, texted for a quick quote (though all their prices are available online as a full disclosure), and then the appointment for a free analysis and final quotation and I was off to Mister Mobile, located at City Plaza (also available at a few other branches) within the next half hour.

The location of the repair shop is relatively hidden behind the food court like place. Look for the taxi stand, it’s somewhere around the area.

Watching the guy assigned to me (Jun) do the diagnosis made me feel rather secure that my phone was in good hands. All I gotta do is to fill up a form, pass them my phone’s passcode and come back in an hour.

Oh and cash preferred. They also have NETS but they will always say that the machine isn’t working hahaha. For credit card, there’s an extra charge so just go for cash. Besides, you can easily withdraw from the many ATMs within City Plaza itself.

So how to spend that one hour?

Explore all the levels of City Plaza, including Level 5 which I’ve never been to. Loved some of the clothes and shoes I spotted, not all are auntie style here after all. And I found my fave tapioca snack too! 🙂

Walk to Haig Road Hawker Centre to pick up a late lunch and treats for my mom. Ended up with the famous Haig Road putu piring for her, mango smoothie cos it was a bloody hot day and roti john from the famous Rosy & Nora stall. I threw in their fried popiah for good measure as well.

-$288 later, my phone is back, functioning and as good as new (hopefully), with a 30 day warranty and zero data wipe. Phew.

Otherwise, other than this sidetrack to settle my phone – it was back to work right after!

And then a project meeting that night to end off my day.

The countdown begins .. to our submission deadline AND the end of the CEE Festival 2021! Tired liow hehe.

Anw, hope you have had a good day today, and thanks always for reading!


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